Many fans have been wondering who could possibly take the NXT Women’s championship off of Shayna Baszler.

    While Shayna has been an excellent champion during both of her reigns, it seems like it is about time someone steps up and defeats her. There have been many options in women like Bianca BelAir, Io Shirai, or Rhea Ripley, but WWE has chosen to go with Candice LeRae. Candice has been criminally under utilized in her WWE career so far and this opportunity Wednesday night is just what she needs to remind the wrestling world who she is.

    In an interview with Cathy Kelley two weeks ago, Candice says that she is a different person than in her previous encounters with Shayna. I believe that with this new fire lit under her, Candice will do what has seemed impossible, and become the new NXT Women’s Champion. 

    Candice has all the makings to be a champion and it is the perfect time to make her one. This is the first time in her WWE tenure that she isn’t just known as Johnny Gargano’s wife. While Gargano is one of the best in NXT, Candice has been held in the background while he has accomplished so much. With Johnny seemingly out of any sort of title picture, this is Candice’s time to shine and remind the world why she is the toughest cupcake.

    Being able to step outside of just being Mrs. Wrestling is a huge deal, but it is not the only reason why Candice will become the NXT Women’s Champion. NXT currently only has heel champions, which can be entertaining for a short amount of time, but in the long run it can get boring fast. Candice is the perfect baby face to break the all heel championship holders. LeRae can be the face of the women’s division, but she could also be a major face for the entire brand. Candice has all the experience needed to lead a division. She’s had championship matches all over the world against men and women. The titles she has held, she has made you care about and the NXT Women’s title would be no different. 

    She has grown so much as a wrestler since joining NXT, even with the little screen time she has gotten. Even with the short amount of TV time she has had, Candice has a wrestling mind that would help elevate the NXT Women’s championship even more than it has been. It is her time to show the fans and creative what she can do if they put their trust in her as a champion. There is the possibility of excellent feuds and match ups if she wins the title on Wednesday night. The first feud to come to mind is a person Candice has already been battling for the past few months in Io Shirai. It is a money feud, it has everything one would want to be entertained by. While it may not be a popular opinion, Candice should win that feud and have a nice little run with the women’s championship. There is so much for Candice to do if she were to win the championship, matches with the likes of Dakota Kai, Tegan Nox, and Bianca BelAir to name a few. 

    I believe NXT has finally seen the light on what they have with Candice LeRae and are ready to cash in. This is their time to bring some change to an already stellar women’s division, going into what many are calling the Wednesday Night Wars. Having Candice LeRae as the face of your women’s division is something that will get people to tune in, she’s such a likable wrestler and always delivers when it comes to in ring quality. It’d be a mistake not to cash in on Candice LeRae and her talents at this point. 

    Candice LeRae should become the new NXT Women’s champion because it would truly bring NXT fully into this new era. LeRae has put in the work and deserves her moment in the spotlight to come. There is no one quite like Candice LeRae right now and NXT needs a face to break up all the heels they seem to love as champions. LeRae is the perfect fit to break the mould and take the women’s division to even bigger heights.

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