CM Punk has suffered a set-back in his journey to the octagon, as it has been revealed that he will need back surgery.

    The former WWE Champion turned UFC Fighter has had to delay his first official fight against Mickey Gall, due to the injury. This past Saturday, Punk had learned that he would have his first fight in the octagon against the 24 year old in his first fight for the company, after Mickey defeated Mike Jackson in the first round with a rear-naked choke.

    CM Punk told, “My back has always bugged me, I figured it was just wrestling s**t. Turns out, it was”.

    As for the injury, Punk said “I’ve been in agony for a month. From chiropractor, acupuncture, massages, and cryotherapy, nothing has worked”.

    Before the fight announcement, CM Punk’s doctor told him that he would need surgery before the fight. Punk didn’t inform the UFC. The ailment is a herniated disc in his back.

    While the plans change, Punks recovery is expected to be between 4 & 6 weeks, and the former Straight Edge Superstar still has intentions on fighting in 2016. He also noted that this surgery is similar to that of Cain Velasquez, who had the same thing done last week.