In one of the most high-profile wrestling stories in recent years, a Chicago judge has found in favour of former WWE superstars CM Punk and Colt Cabana against WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann.

    The jury took just over two hours to reach their verdict, which means neither Punk (Phil Brooks) or Cabana (Scott Colton) will have to pay any damages and will not face any charges for defamation, false light defamation and distribution.

    Amann had been seeking $3,989,000 in damages for each stream of the podcast in addition to punitive damages for Punk and Cabana’s comments on the November 2014 episode of The Art Of Wrestling. CM Punk claimed he was repeatedly misdiagnosed with injuries during his time in WWE and a lump on his back was repeatedly ignored, which turned out to be a highly dangerous staph infection.

    As the court ruling was made, CM Punk and his wife AJ Brooks burst into tears of joy and embraced as Cabana looked relieved, whilst Dr. Amann looked off blankly according to reports inside the court room. There were smiles (mostly) all around as jurors shook hands with Cabana and Punk post-decision.


    Colt Cabana is currently the play-by-play announcer for Ring Of Honor and an independent professional wrestler, and Punk has an MMA fight this upcoming weekend at UFC 225 against Mike Jackson.