They made being bad, cool.

    They redefined a generation and swung a war for one side. And now, they’re about to be able to call themselves Hall of Famers. When you say wrestling, one of the first things certain fans will think of is an electric guitar, a black and white static effect and a brand new creative direction.

    The New World Order, Hogan, Hall and Nash, completely shaked the wrestling world to it’s core… but who would fill that mould in 2020?

    It just works, okay? Maxwell Jacob Friedman is currently the, in his own words, ‘fastest rising star in professional wrestling’ and, despite his fantastic run he’s currently on, he could benefit being a part of a stable. Not because he needs to learn mic ability, because that’s easily the strongest arrow in his quiver, but to protect him a bit from an in-ring perspective.

    It is impossible to say MJF isn’t a good wrestler, because he’s actually fantastic whenever he’s been in the ring and showcased his technical ability, however it would only benefit him if he didn’t have to wrestle every single time he was in a ring. Use the other two to do the damage and then just rush in, like the prick that he is. Imagine.

    Gotta have a big guy with muscle in there. The Jurassic Express have been a breath of fresh air in All Elite Wrestling, bringing pure and unadulterated fun back to professional wrestling. However, it’s not gonna last for ever. Eventually, the absolutely massive one is gonna turn on the littler ones. AND… let’s just have Luchasaurus in a stable.

    NWO always benefited from having one absolutely huge man who could dominate for a really long time whilst the other two acted like cocky dicks behind his giant shoulders and knackered quads. But this time, the big man can also do some flips. He’s fast. He’s not just one note. And, again like MJF, it protects him from being exposed as a singles star. It would be lovely to see a heel dinosaur and I’m desperate for it.

    You’ve got to have a leader right? I know the whole thing about the NWO was that they were all main eventers in their own right and then combined to form a super team but, in the early stages of my team, I’d have a clear leader and The Villain’ Marty Scurll is the perfect first.

    A brilliant mouthpiece, a great technical wrestler and an absolutely fantastic character above all; I feel that Marty as an initial leader would immediately bring the group legitimacy, attention and an aura around them that few others could bring. Already showcasing this ability with Villain Enterprises in Ring of Honor, the group dynamic’s fit Scurll’s style of promo and storytelling. In time, the other two would easily get to his level and rule any company they reside in but, the ‘The Villain’ would be able to kick-start that movement.

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