He has recently been tearing it up on NXT, but it appears we will not be ‘feasting our eyes’ on Dominik Dijakovic for a while.

    Dijakovic is set to be out of action for a while, as he has undergone surgery to fix a torn meniscus.

    He tweeted to announce that he had the knee surgery done yesterday in Orlando, with a video showing his knee wrapped up.

    In his video, Dijakovic says;

    “This represents sacrifice, this represents discipline. I had to rip away the weakness to rebuild it to be stronger than ever using my blood. When I was through, the only ones waiting for me were my family. They will drive me to return stronger than ever and regain what is rightfully ours. And that’s the North American Championship.”

    Dijakovic’s last match was on April 19th at an NXT live event.