EDITORS NOTE: This was written before the contract rumours had been debunked

    With rumours running rampant that current NXT Champion Adam Cole’s WWE contract is set to come to an end this Summer there is a discussion amongst fans as to what to expect next from the leader of the Undisputed Era.

    While it is more than likely Cole will continue on and look to move up to the main roster over the coming months, there is no harm in having a look at just what could await him. There is so much talent across the wrestling scene and with dream matches and unfinished business with stars within other promotions, there is a lot to consider for Cole away from the WWE. 


    Brace yourselves, we are going to be touching on quite a few AEW stars today. To kick things off, we have a personal favourite of mine and a dark horse within the All Elite Wrestling roster in PAC.

    The British star has already competed in his fair share of standout matches. Fans await that big one on one that sees him go to the next level, for in PAC we have the potential of seeing a world champion. Now, both Cole and PAC make for incredible heels and bring something different in terms of the style in which they portray the “bad guy”.

    Intense performers with a diverse movesets, it’s clear the pair will complement each other and their styles with Cole sure to bring out the best in PAC, showing him to be the main event star he is. Now, unlike other names sure to feature on this list there isn’t a big history between the two; but it’s clear that upon sharing a ring together, they can easily provide fans with a standout match up we will be talking about for a very long time.

    Marty Scurll

    There truly is unfinished business between these two, right? The last time we saw these two inside a ring together Scurll was revealed to be the latest member of Bullet Club and Cole was officially kicked out and taken out by The Young Bucks and Scurll himself.

    Fast forward to 2020 and I, along with so many others, still want to see these two square off once again. Of course, the pair have come to blows previously, including a must-see in which Marty’s Television Championship was on the line.

    Both stars are now at different stages of their careers and with Scurll a part of the NWA roster. It would be great to see Cole do something unexpected and make his way to NWA to bring back to light a feud with Scurll.


    While I may not personally be the most consistent NJPW viewer, there has been one man that has grabbed my attention massively. Upon making his return to New Japan, KENTA has been a key figure on the roster and one heck of a heel character. Both Cole and KENTA, despite not sharing the ring in their careers as of yet, share a similar style, can be pushed to the limits and provide a true standout match up that highlights them as two of the very best in the world today.

    They both go above and beyond and are comfortable with hard strikes and basic wrestling skill with a modern twist. A lengthy match between these two is sure to rock the wrestling world and if Cole is to ever head to NJPW once again, then this has got to be a must-see dream match. The collision of the two characters is sure to make for something very interesting and here we are looking at a potential match of the year and instant classic. 

    Jon Moxley 

    It can be so easy for fans to forget how much of a technically skilled wrestler Jon Moxley is. On the flip side, it can be easy for many to forget that Cole can more than work a strong hardcore match up as we have seen during his time in NXT alone. Considering both those facts, the two make for perfect opponents for one another, sure balance each other out and provide something different to what we have seen from both men in the past.

    Again, the two have not shared the ring before and so no one can really be sure as to what to expect from them. What can be certain of is we are looking at a bout that could main event a major show and truly go down as something special.

    It would be great to see Moxley show off more of his technical skill, which is something Cole is sure to bring out in Moxley; while the current AEW World champion can push the boundaries and add that edge he always does to explore the more barbaric side of Cole, creating a fantastic balance between them. 

    Kenny Omega

    There is no one Adam Cole has more unfinished business with than Kenny Omega. The last time we saw these two “together” was back when fans saw Omega kick Cole out of Bullet Club and introduce Marty Scurll. 

    There has always been an underlying tension between the two men and with both at arguably the peak of their careers, it makes for a must-see match that fans will be talking about for many years to come. Both are considered two of the best in the world today and it doesn’t matter where the match happens, what matters is we get to see this one day.When we do, it is sure to rock the wrestling world.

    When we consider the history between them, this has got to go down as the most anticipated and must-see match on this list. A true dream encounter within the industry today. 

    Of course, it appears unlikely that Adam Cole will be leaving the WWE any time soon. However, there can be no denying there are plenty of creative options for Cole and must-see dream matches awaiting him outside of the WWE. Regardless of where Cole is, he is sure to continue to be an important and standout talent in the wrestling industry and there is plenty more to come from him in the years ahead. 

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