Former WWE superstar and AEW talent throw hands at gig in New Jersey.

    Enzo Amore and Joey Janela got into a fight at a Blink 182 concert on Tuesday because of course they did.

    The show took place at the BNC Bank Arts Centre, after the rock show.

    Details are sketchy, but Enzo was the first to tweet about it, saying:

    “I’m glad you introduced yourself cause I couldn’t pick you out of a line up. You don’t want no smoke.”

    “Where was that energy at? We aint friends [Joey Janela]. Dont introduce urself to me f*ckboy I thought u were a fan hahaha the second I realized it was u I slapped ya bitchass hands down & walked @ u w/ MY HANDS UP YA F*CKIN RAN BACKWARDS & told my homey to film it”

    “Clout chasing in public to ultimately look like a p*ssy, must feel terrible. Ya not a good human, people are out to enjoy there night and you cause a scene and run while I’m engaging with friends & fans, ya mother should be proud.”

    Janela gave more insight to this incident by retorting with:

    Enzo did reply saying that a fight did not take place, and that Janela walked away from him Enzo wanted to fight.

    Enzo Amore has released some footage of the incident, and it’s more ridiculous than we all thought.