Entertainers who work in the UK’s Professional Wrestling industry deserve to be treated as any other working person, with dignity and respect. No one should be made to feel unsafe in their place of work or be put at risk of abuse simply for doing their job.  There should be no bystanders in this struggle.

    Our focus, working alongside our members, must be about targeting the areas of their work which have allowed for a substantial number of the abuses to take place. 

    To that end we ask that all professional wrestling promotions now pledge the following:

    • That all promotions have a clear, robust Dignity at Work policy so that complaints of abuse can be addressed in a fair and transparent way, protecting both talent and promotion.
    • That all transport and accommodation arrangements are agreed with talent in advance and in writing before the date of the booking.
    • That a separate, private and secure dressing room space be provided at every show.
    • ​That a paramedic be present at every show
    • That should the promotion have an associated wrestling school that it provides clear transparent safeguarding policies, that staff and visiting professionals understand those policies, are trained in them and that first aid provision is a requirement for all classes.   We also ask that all independent vocational training schools take these necessary steps to protect their students.

    We recognise that there will be no quick solution to such a widespread, systemic problem.  This is only the first step to making the industry a better and safer one for all. 

    If you have any questions or comments regarding Equity’s response to #SpeakingOut, please email Steve Duncan-Rice on wrestling@equity.org.uk.