Is there currently a more dominant faction in WWE than The Undisputed Era?

    It would be hard to argue against their track record. Just look at the current champions in NXT right now: aside from the NXT Women’s Championship, all titles on the black-and-yellow brand are held by a member of UE.

    They’ve beaten just about everyone over the past several years, including Sanity, The Authors of Pain, British Strong Style, War Raiders, and most recently, The Street Profits. While it may seem like they have no more credible challengers, I’ve come up with five possible factions/teams that can feud with The Undisputed Era in the future.

    5. The Forgotten Sons

    First off is the rugged trio of Wesley Blake, Steve Cutler, and Jaxson Ryker.

    While they might not be the flashiest or most polished team in the company, they definitely turned heads throughout this past year. It started with the 2019 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, where they advanced all the way to the finals before losing to Aleister Black & Ricochet.

    They then inserted themselves into the NXT Tag Team Championship title picture after War Raiders had to relinquish the titles in May. It all culminated in a ladder match at NXT TakeOver: XXV between Blake & Cutler, The Street Profits, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, and Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish. While The Street Profits emerged victorious, The Forgotten Sons made sure they left their mark on the match.

    Since then, however, it seems as if their momentum has stalled. Their most recent match was on the August 14th episode of NXT TV, where they lost to the returning team of Tyler Breeze & Fandango. Maybe a feud with The Undisputed Era is just what they need to give their careers a little shot in the arm.

    Granted, some fans might not be thrilled with this idea, but competing against the best faction on the brand could help them elevate their game. I’m sure creative might have other plans for The Forgotten Sons, but this could still be a possibility later down the line.

    4. Keith Lee & Jordan Myles

    Up next is a team that has been teased at for a little over a month.

    After Keith Lee came up just short against Dominik Dijakovic at the end of August, it was Jordan Myles who gave him words of encouragement. Then Lee returned the favor a week later after Myles unsuccessfully challenged Adam Cole for the NXT Championship.

    The two have known each other for over a decade, so they are definitely familiar with one another and have chemistry inside the ring. Both have also had their fair share of problems with The Undisputed Era, so it wouldn’t be hard to imagine the two teams feuding.

    It’s only a matter of time before Lee finds himself challenging for the NXT Championship and will probably need some backup to help even the odds. Myles showed in his title match against Cole that he can hold his own against the top stars of the brand, so he could be seen as a believable partner for Lee.

    While Lee has been building up momentum this past month, Myles hasn’t been on NXT TV since losing to Cole on the 4th. Feuding with The Undisputed Era would help both men out a lot; Lee can continue to build momentum while Myles can get more prolonged exposure on a national stage.

    3. Breezango

    Then we look at a duo that NXT fans are very familiar with.

    Tyler Breeze made his return to NXT this past May and unsuccessfully challenged Velveteen Dream for the NXT North American Championship at NXT TakeOver: XXV. Fandango had been out of action since July 2018 with a torn labrum in his left shoulder. He returned a little over a year later to help Breeze after he was attacked by The Forgotten Sons.

    This has the makings of “Old NXT vs. New NXT” written all over it. The Undisputed Era could claim that they were the ones who got NXT to where it is today. While Fandango spent time in NXT from 2010 to 2012, it wasn’t until a few years later (when Breeze joined the brand) that NXT really started to gain traction.

    Also, if the Fashion Files were to make their return, it would create some pretty entertaining moments between Breezango and The Undisputed Era. It would be all fun and games outside of the ring, but the teams could easily put on clinics once they stepped in between the ropes.

    Regardless if this feud ever happens or not, I would still like to see some interactions between the two teams. It could provide some light-hearted fun to a brand that is definitely more serious than its counterparts.

    2. Imperium (WALTER, Marcel Barthel, Fabian Aichner, & Alexander Wolfe)

    For this next faction, I had to go over the pond to NXT UK.

    Imperium (formerly known as Ringkampf on the indies) reunited back in May, when Aichner & Barthel interfered in a WWE United Kingdom Championship match between WALTER and Pete Dunne. The three then faced off against Dunne, Trent Seven, & Tyler Bate weeks later, where Wolfe would make his return and join the faction.

    Since then, the four have terrorized NXT UK with their sheer brutality in the ring. They even made their presence known on NXT’s USA Network debut on September 18th, then reappeared the following week to wrestle Kushida & Breezango.

    If they were to ever face off against The Undisputed Era, it could easily be seen as a battle for supremacy in NXT. Both factions feel that they are the best in the company and would have to go through each other to prove it. These men could have some fantastic matches if given the chance and could help them both gain exposure on the other’s respective brands.

    This would be an all-out war, and one that I’m hoping happens sooner rather than later.

    1. #DIY

    Finally, we come to one of NXT’s most popular teams.

    Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa were perhaps the best team the brand had from 2015 to 2017. They consistently put on quality matches against the likes of The Revival and The Authors of Pain. Their last match was at NXT TakeOver: Chicago in May 2017, losing to The Authors of Pain in the first-ever ladder match for the NXT Tag Team Championships.

    They could not regain the titles, and afterwards, Ciampa turned on Gargano to break up #DIY. He was then out of action for the foreseeable future after rupturing his right ACL during the match. He returned at NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia and him and Gargano would feud for most of 2018.

    Ciampa would need another surgery in March 2019 (this time on his neck) and was forced to relinquish the NXT Championship, which was won by Gargano at NXT TakeOver: New York. After the victory, Ciampa made a surprise appearance and embraced his former partner.

    Adam Cole eventually won the title from Gargano at NXT TakeOver: XXV and has held it ever since. This means both Gargano and Ciampa could easily have a bone to pick with Cole and his Undisputed Era teammates.

    These two teams facing each other have the potential to be a “feud of the year” candidate with several “match of the year” nods thrown in as well. All of these men at the top of their game could be one of the best feuds NXT has ever seen. Ciampa could possibly be returning sometime soon, so we might not have to wait long to see if this scenario becomes a reality.

    Who do you want to see The Undisputed Era feud with next? Leave your answers in the comments below!

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