WrestleMania weekend means that the eyes of the world are on wrestling more than they are for the rest of the year. And, as shown by previous years and is the same this year, independent promotions are very much aware of this. Over the long weekend of the ‘Show of Shows’; there are a million and one other wrestling events to watch so! Stick around as I run down five of the shows you should definitely have a look at over the next few days. These are in no particular order and have been chosen to try to appeal to as many people as possible! And don’t forget; you can watch all these shows on Fite.TV through their excellent service!

    Joey Janela’s Spring Break

    I’m putting these two together as, whilst obviously completely different to each other in terms of talent and matches; both shows are aimed at the wrestling fan who wants to have a bit of fun and not take this wacky world of ours too seriously. Starting with the annual tradition that has become ‘The Bad Boy’ Joey Janela’s staple over the past few years; Janela’s Spring Break, this year, hosts a match that sets out invisible man against another, a storyline where Janela is refusing women onto the show and it’s all over two nights!

    It’s definitely not for everyone; Janela has often been criticised for ‘exposing the business’ and taking things too far but it’s impossible to argue it’s not a fun night out. So, if you’re interested, give it a watch!

    GCW Presents ‘Orange Cassidy is Doing Something…’

    Again, much like Janela’s Spring Break- this is for fans who enjoy some light-hearted wrestling paired with high-quality action. Featuring matches such as THE BEST FRIENDS IMPLOSION as Chuckie T takes on Berreta in a one-minute time limit match, a ten person Dodgeball Schoolyard Pick’Em Tag Team match and a swamp monster match…whatever that is. Wrestling is the best.

    Ring of Honor/New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Supercard

    One for the ultimate independent fan; ROH and NJPW are running a show in Madison Square Garden that offers a card that is excellent. Very much built upon existing storylines and feels like a WrestleMania in and of itself; we have Okada vs Jay White for the IWGP Title, Cobb vs Ospreay, Naito vs Ibushi and MANY more that appeal to fans of all styles. Whilst Ring of Honor hasn’t been as prevalent as they have in previous years – this show could potentially shoot them back into the mainstream that, with the talent they have at their disposal, they definitely deserve.

    AIW Slumber Party Massacre

    Hornswoggle vs Scott Steiner. AIW are giving us Hornswoggle vs Scott Steiner. Watch that show. I shouldn’t need to tell you the rest of the card as, if you won’t watch it based on that one match alone – what are you doing BUT I’ll tell you it anyway. Alongside that…absolutely incredible image of a match between two, I think it’s fair to call them, legends of the pro-wrestling business, we have Shinjiro Otani vs Eddie Kingston which is a terrifying concept alongside Ethan Page and MJF vs Space Monkey and Colt Cabana…it’s honestly the show I’m most excited for this weekend.

    Impact Wrestling’s ‘United We Stand’

    Impact has quietly been putting on absolutely fantastic wrestling for about 18 months now and their Mania weekend card looks like it’s going to be no different. With matches such as Flamita vs Rich Swann, the return of the Ultimate X match, Rob Van Damn and Sabu vs The Lucha Bros, Sami Callihan vs Jimmy Havoc in a Monster’s Ball match and MANY more! Impact has been trying to remove itself from the reputation that’s fallen out from the TNA days but, with a card like that- they definitely can do it.

    All these matches can be found and viewed on Fite.TV!