Referee forced to retire after scuffle following match at RevPro’s ‘Summer Sizzler’

    RevPro have announced that they have ‘indefinitely severed ties’ with Josh Bodom and stripped Josh Bodom & Sha Samuels following an incident at last weekend’s Summer Sizzler. Sha Samuels will also be ‘undertaking an internal disciplinary hearing and will be on a zero-tolerance policy’ going forward.

    In a statement, RevPro also said that they will be instituting an ‘internal incident report policy’, similar to one they currently use regarding crowd members.

    On September 7th, referee Aaren Wilde posted on Twitter that following an post-match attack from Samuels and Bodom, he will be ‘indefinitely unable to referee due to medical restrictions.’

    Wilde explained that a match between Aussie Open and the team of Josh Bodom and Sha Samuels finished five minutes early. What followed was, in Aaren’s account, Sha slamming him to the mat in a spot that wasn’t planned and then in his words:

    ‘something happened on the outside. I honestly don’t know what, that part was a blur.’

    Aaren Wilde did go on to referee the main event of that particular show.

    RevPro owner Andy Quildan released a statement following Wilde’s tweets on the matter, stating that the footage he saw from the live edit ‘only saw the slam’ and stating:

    Having reviewed it, I can say with confidence that there was no intent to cause any injury.

    What followed the next day was a Twitter user posting a video that apparently shows Josh Bodom attacking a prone Wilde with a knee and several clubs to the back and head, seemingly without any provocation.

    Sha Samuels has since tweeted his side of the story and offered an apology to Wilde about the whole situation.

    Josh Bodom has since deleted his twitter account but continued to post derogatory comments on Instagram and even sensationally claimed that he was not fired, but he instead quit wrestling, showing a message from RevPro owner Quildan saying he has Josh Bodom’s back.

    TWM will update you with any further developments when we get them.