E3 has been dead for a long time, as you may have seen every time the Entertainment Software Association issued a statement postponing its flagship video game event year after year since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. Now, however, it is official. Just a few moments ago, the official X account (previously known as Twitter) issued a tweet with an image that, unfortunately, ended the most important event in the history of video games.

    Geoff Keighley’s dream seems to have come true, as he knew how to capitalize on the lack of attention that E3 was receiving in recent years from many companies by creating their Summer Game Fest, which was beginning to hold its events and leave Electronic Entertainment aside. Expo as we knew it. Today is a sad day for the video game industry and we can only stop and think about all the epic moments that this international video game fair has given us.

    E3 is dead, but its memories will live on for a long time

    Although E3 is dead, there were signs that it could return in another format that would once again attract the attention of the sector. Whether this event becomes another event that arouses the interest of video game companies again is something we do not know for sure, but what we do know is the amount of memories that this event has left in our personal experience of video games.

    Looking at the panorama, it is most likely that Geoff Keighley will once again celebrate his Summer Game Fest and the main video game development companies (with Xbox, of course) will join this event to make their next announcements in the summer of 2024. It would not be It is surprising, seeing past experiences , that the official Summer Game Fest account itself will comment on the matter in the next few hours or even Geoff Keighley himself. In the meantime, let’s dedicate a minute of silence to what was the best event in the history of video games. E3 is dead yes, but we will never forget it.