GTA VI is almost here, and fans can barely wait much longer. Ten years since it’s last release in the series, Rockstar Games is gearing up to announce the highly anticipated “Grand Theft Auto VI,” according to a new report. The studio, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., is planning to make the announcement as soon as this week, according to Bloomberg.

    A trailer is expected to be released in December, just as Rockstar Games is celebrating it’s the 25th anniversary. The new game will be the first “GTA” release since the massively successful “Grand Theft Auto V” came out in 2013.

    That game, a multi-platform phenomenon, has sold over 185 million copies second only to Minecraft, which has sold over 300 million since its release in 2011.

    GTA V is available for users to play using PC, Playstation, and Xbox, where players can play either the story mode or the online mode format where your character is inside an open world with the ability to drive fly, and sail around the map while completing missions, heists and business dealings.

    Rockstar has spent the last few years working to clean up its corporate culture and work-life balance after employees complained of burnout during the making of its last game, 2018’s Red Dead Redemption 2.

    Last year, hackers released hours of early footage from Grand Theft Auto VI. Rockstar blamed a “network intrusion” and said it “will properly introduce you to this next game when it is ready.” Two UK teens were convicted of the hack in a London criminal trial earlier this year.

    The game is set in a fictional version of Miami and features two protagonists, a man and a woman, Bloomberg News has reported. Take-Two is scheduled to report earnings on Wednesday, November 8th 2023.