Coming February 13th, 2021 on the Impact plus app, Impact Wrestling dusts off yet another classic TNA pay per view with No Surrender. It also happens to fall on the 50th birthday of Tommy Dreamer, last week on Impact Wrestling, Rich Swann decided he had the perfect gift.

    He challenged Tommy to a match at No Surrender for the Impact World Championship. This has sparked an interesting debate among fans, is Tommy Dreamer the next World Champion?

    The short answer is probably not, the innovator of violence is a legendary figure in the wrestling world and has been for many years now. Tommy Dreamer has been involved in almost every major wrestling promotion, both on television and on the independent scene. From ECW, WWE, ROH, AEW & of course Impact Wrestling, joining Impact as part of the ECW originals faction known as EV2.0. Tommy has wrestled over 100 matches in Impact Wrestling alone, from AJ Styles to Moose he has been in the ring with the very best TNA/Impact has to offer.

    Which of course begs the question, has Tommy Dreamer earned an opportunity at the Impact World championship? That is surely undoubted, a saying that has been used in professional wrestling almost since its beginning is that nothing is deserved, everything is earned. It’s safe to say the innovator of violence has truly earned the opportunity to hold a championship that has alluded him for many years. But there are a few wrestlers on the current Impact active roster, who have something to say about Tommy Dreamer being the next in line to fight for the Impact Championship. In particular, Moose who was told by the champion Swann that he will get the next opportunity, also Chris Bey who will also be celebrating his birthday at No Surrender on February 13.

    It’s well known that Tommy Dreamer is a well-respected figure backstage at Impact Wrestling, someone who the talent can look up to and go to for advice on their careers. He is someone the company can trust to step up and help build new talent and help build a big storyline. The man is undoubtedly a huge asset to pro wrestling as a whole and although some fans online have recently grown tired with the TV time Tommy Dreamer receives, if an up-and-coming star can defeat an icon like Tommy Dreamer then surely that can only help that said talent?

    As mentioned there is more than one member of the current Impact Wrestling roster, who feels they have indeed earned an opportunity at Rich Swann and his Impact Wrestling world championship. But as pointed out by the champion Swann he has beaten almost all of the wrestlers demanding a world championship opportunity. Such as Chris Bey and Sami Callihan, of course, the one man he is yet to defeat is the self-proclaimed TNA World heavyweight champion, Mr. Impact Wrestling Moose. But Rich tried to give Moose his opportunity two weeks ago on Impact TV, Moose made it clear it would be on his time. Rich however was not going to be pushed around and let Moose play mind games.

    There has been a lot of discussion among the fans as to whether Tommy Dreamer will get a one on one championship opportunity. Because we can not forget the presence of Chris Bey and Moose, keeping a very very close eye on both the world champion Rich Swann and the challenger Tommy Dreamer. Many of the Impact fans seem to think one of those possible challengers could interject themselves into the main event of No Surrender.

    So Tommy Dreamer may not be walking out of No Surrender on the Impact plus app with the Impact World Championship. But surely it can’t be denied that the innovator of violence has undoubtedly earned this opportunity at the world championship. No Surrender will be taking place February 13 on the Impact plus app and Fite TV, with only two matches, announced so far it seems to be shaping up as a solid monthly special.