On February 13, 2021, at Skyway Studios in Nashville, TN at No Surrender. After No Surrender went behind closed doors, the wrestling scene was shaken to its centre by and by as a video bundle played for New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Juice Robinson and David Finlay. On Twitter, Impact Wrestling confirmed that FinJuice will be in the IMPACT Zone.


    About FINJUICE…

    David Finlay and Juice Robinson make up the tag time FINJUICE. The two prepared their in-ring style at the dojo of the New Japan Pro-Wrestling advancement, the two met up as a group, in August 2017. In December 2019, the couple won the 2019 World Tag League, trailed by the IWGP Tag Team Championship in January 2020, preceding losing it in February. The tag team as well worked for ROH shaping the Lifeblood stable and additionally work for Impact Wrestling. FinJuice partook in the 2018 World Tag League. The tea had a good run throughout the World Tag League. However, their final bock was with Best Friends and the match ended in disqualification.


    Wrestle Kingdom 14…

    Wrestling Kingdom 14 took place on January 4, 2020, at the legendary Tokyo Dome, a continuous tradition of NJPW. This would be a significate night for the tag team as they defeated Guerrillas of Destiny and won the IWGP Tag Team Championship belts. However, FINJUICE would suffer a loss on February 1 at The New Beginning in USA to GOD. Sadly, due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, this would put a hold on FINJUICE. Being that they could not work New Japan events, following this pandemic. Robinson would be out on injury.  Juice would still reach the finals of New Japan Cup but losing to KENTA in the end, on August 21. Robinson and Finlay would eventually face Guerrillas of Destany again in the 2020 World Tag League finals but would suffer a loss in the opportunity to win the Tag League.


    IMPACT Wrestling…

    Impact Wrestling would be a great opportunity for popular tag time from NJPW. The two men will face some of the most prestige teams that have to evolve the game of tag team wrestling. This would be the chance for Finlay and Robinson to be introduced to a new audience in pro-wrestling. Their fun, upbeat, and creative manner they carry in their persona would automatically appeal to the Impact audience. FINJUICE’s influence of entertainment and strong style shows they will be able to have great in-ring chemistry with other competitors in Impact or AEW. Could they outperform and over exceed both platforms and NJPW?

    That is uncertain but what is certain is that both Finlay and Juice will deliver, entertainment for all! FINJUICE is a tag team that could also attract the casual wrestling fan to new platforms. We can assume that the two charming men would immediately go for the Impact Wrestling Tag Titles, currently held by The Good Brothers.

    However, FINJUICE is a tag team that takes no shortcuts and does not make demands. They have always worked hard and competed. Finlay and Juice could have amazing matches with teams such as Ace & Madman Fulton. Perhaps even scrap it up with Reno Scum or maybe dip their hands in some mixed-tag matches with Decay. One thing for sure is that if FINJUICE faces The Good Brothers. The match will be a fan favourite, or a tag team match written down in history.