Some are saying that the current crop of Knockouts are the absolute best that Impact and the Knockouts division have ever seen.

    I know most would agree. When you look through the current roster and you watch them it’s clear to see that they are some of the best wrestlers today, and their passion and drive to make this division the best it’s ever been. So let’s take a look at this current crop of Knockouts.

    Alisha Edwards:
    Mrs Anything is possible, she made her IMPACT Wrestling debut all the way back in 2017. Where she played a big part in the feud between Davey Richards and her husband Eddie Edwards, Competing in a mixed tag team full metal mayhem match at Slammiversary 2017 against Davey and Angelina love. Since then she’s been a mainstay of the Knockouts division and from what I’ve seen and heard Lish appears to be a strong figure backstage as a kind of Locker room leader. Alisha hasn’t really had many opportunities to break out on her own and win the prestigious Knockouts title, but for the past couple of years, she has had to try and control her crazy husband Eddie. So maybe her time is still yet to come. But it seemed like she managed to impress a lot of people during her time in wrestle house where we got to see a whole new side of her firecracker personality so hopefully one day Lish gets the opportunity that she has rightfully earned.

    This is the second run in IMPACT for the former Knockouts Champion and this time it appears to many like we’re seeing a completely different side to the death machine. Some would say we’re getting to see hints of the real Jessicka Havok, especially after her friend and tag team partner Neveah made her debut in the company at the Rebellion TV special back in April. But even before the development of her character she had a pretty successful first run with IMPACT back in 2014 where she picked up the Knockouts title only months after making her official debut by defeating Gail Kim. Havok was someone on a lot of people’s lips as someone they would want to see back in IMPACT. Ever since then Havok has wanted to win back the Knockouts title but has thus far been unsuccessful, but with the rumours of the Knockouts tag titles returning perhaps Havok and Neveah have their sights set on them.

    Jordynne Grace:
    Thick Mama Pump has certainly been a stand out of the Knockouts division ever since her 2018 debut. She made an almost instant impact by picking up dominant wins and receiving a few opportunities at the Knockouts Championship. Which she would eventually win and simultaneously end the historic reign of Taya Valkyrie. Grace would go on to carry the title until a couple of months ago at Slammiversary where she would be defeated by the current champion Deonna Purrazzo. Grace is still involved in the title picture but it does appear as if she’s slowly fading out of it, especially with the return of Tenille Dashwood. So who knows if we will see Jordynne Grace regain the Knockouts title, but one thing for sure she put on some incredible matches as Knockouts Champion and I’m sure we’ll see more in her eventual quest to win back the championship.

    Kiera Hogan:
    The hottest flame has been improving on a weekly basis since her 2018 debut .Where she made an impact right out of the gate by picking up a win in a non-title match against then Knockouts Champion Laurel van Ness which lead to her getting her one and only opportunity at the Knockouts Championship but she, unfortunately came up short when the title was on the line. From then on she formed a friendship with Allie which lead to a storyline where she teamed with Rosemary to get Allie back and out of the control of Sü Yung. But it was the frenemies storyline that Hogan had started with five-time Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne that really made people pay attention to the Hottest flame. She is of course now teamed up with one of the newest editions to the Knockouts roster in Tasha Steelz, who many people see as future Knockouts tag team champions should the belts return as rumoured. I’ve always been a huge fan of Kiera even before she joined Impact and I believe a run as Knockouts Champion isn’t beyond her reach.

    The alter ego to the undead bride has become many peoples favourite member of the Knockouts roster. It’s not very hard to see why, she’s one of the most entertaining people on the roster and will always bring a smile to your face. She can put you on the edge of your seat because you never know when the undead bride Sü Yung will make an appearance. As Sü Yung she is, of course, a former Knockouts Champion after defeating Allie in the last rights match which you can go check out on the Impact+ app, she’s had many great feuds with Knockouts such as Madison Rayne, Rosemary and most recently Havok where Havok would be the cause of her turn to SÜSIE. Currently, she has formed a team with Kylie Rae and has just made her return from Wrestle House in which she was loved by everyone watching. Again, should the Ko tag titles return the team of SÜSIE and Kylie have to be at the top of the list to be one of the first champions to hold the returning belts.

    Taya Valkyrie:
    La Wera Loca is, of course, a former knockouts champion, longest champion in Impact Wrestling history. Back in her 2018 debut, she made an instant impact by attacking Rosemary starting an immediate feud between the two that would feature incredible matches from both Knockouts. When it was announced that Taya would be joining impact it was clear that it had generated a lot of buzz for the company. Although many people may not have been too familiar with the things she could do, as soon as he stepped into the Impact Wrestling ring people became very aware of what she is capable of. Her feuds with knockouts such as Rosemary, Tessa Blanchard and of course Jordynne Grace whom she would eventually lose the Knockouts Championship to where some of the best women’s feuds taking place in wrestling. Taya is currently involved in a program with Rosemary and John E. Bravo who have recently gotten kayfabe engaged so the Knockouts Championship may not be in her sights right now but it certainly will be again. Her historic title run was only her first reign as Knockouts Champion so a second reign could be just as historic.

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