Another Mid-Card Championship? This current Impact Roster has some of the absolute best in the business today. Recently fans have been debating as to whether or not Impact Wrestling management should re-introduce this as an option? If anyone can make it work it is this administration, but let’s get into a little more.

    History of the Mid-Card

    Impact would over the years, introduce quite a few mid-card titles, mostly remainign the same with different names, they would offer the chance of Championship reigns to Impact’s Mid-Card players.

    The TNA Legends championship was held and introduced by Booker T in 2008, he would lose the championship to AJ Styles just under a year later, be won by Eric Young and renamed the TNA Global Championship.

    Young would go on to announce that he would not defend the Title against any American wrestler, or on American soil, subsequently losing to Rob Terry in Cardiff, during the UK Tour.

    The Championship would be taken off Terry’s hands by A J Styles and in July 2010 the title was once again renamed the TNA Television championship.

    Television/King Of The Mountain Championship

    In 2012 D-Von Dudley lost the title to Abyss, who would discard the Championship on the mat before attacking D-Von and other members of the Aces and Eights, the design would not be seen on television for a long while after this.

    At Slammiversary 2016 Jeff Jarrett would re-introduce it as the King Of The Mountain Championship, only changing hands a few times before Lashleys attempt to unify it with the World and X Division championships.

    Lashley would not unify the championships, as instructed by TNA President Billy Corgan, and the title was succeeded by the Impact Grand Championship to be defended in three rounds to decide the winner (by the aide of three judges).

    The Championship was first won by Aron Rex, the final Champion was Austin Aries in 2018, who unified the Grand Championship with the Impact World Championship.

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