Last Wednesday on All Elite Wrestling’s weekly show Dynamite, Kenny Omega defeated Jon Moxley to become the AEW World champion with the help of Impact Wrestling’s Executive Vice President Don Callis. As they ran from the building they were stopped in the parking lot and asked for an explanation, to which Don Callis said that all will be revealed this Tuesday at Impact on AXS TV. Social media has been abuzz ever since and everyone has been speculating about what this means, is this the start of a working relationship between Impact and AEW or will it be the start of an Invasion?

    It has been quite a while since there’s been a good Ol’ Wrestling invasion, which is why Impact vs AEW could be coming at just the right time, here’s just a few possible matches that could take place in Impact Vs AEW.

    FTR vs The North:

    Let’s go straight into a match that fans have been talking about and fantasy booking for a couple of years now, the longest-reigning Impact tag team champions vs the former AEW tag team champions. Both teams at one point and currently have been calling themselves the best tag team in the world, you would be hard pushed to think of two teams who deserve that title. Both teams have similar styles in that both have a throwback style when it comes to tag team wrestling, both teams enjoy that old school tag team wrestling and have been compared to those legendary tag teams like The Andersons or The Steiners. Ever since FTR was released from WWE, fans have been suggesting matches against some of the best teams and one that was mentioned more than a few times, next to the Young Bucks, of course, was All Ego Ethan Page and Walking Weapon Josh Alexander, The North have been making a name for themselves over the last few years. Recently there was an exchange over Twitter, Scott D’Amore even suggested a Home vs Home series between both teams, after last night anything seems possible.

    MCMG vs The Young Bucks:

    This match writes itself, a rivalry turned friendship and mentor-ship, of course, many wrestling fans are familiar with the rivalry that has taken place over the years between these two teams across every promotion that they have been in starting of course in TNA/ Impact. Which then continued on the independent circuit, then to ROH and NJPW, over multiple tag team championships. For a lot of people this was one of the best tag team rivalries in TNA history, of course back then Matt and Nick were known as Max and Jeremy Buck aka Generation Me. The two teams had many matches, not just over tag team titles they also clashed once or twice over the x division championship, they competed in Impacts signature match, the Ultimate X. There can’t be much doubt that in the event of AEW vs Impact Wrestling this match should be on everyone’s list of matches for IMPACT vs AEW.

    Moose vs Miro:

    Two of the biggest men in both companies squaring off in an inter-promotional showdown has all the potential in the world to be one of the hardest-hitting clashes there has been in quite a while. The TNA World champion and the man who has once again found his killer instinct, and who is now controlling his own narrative locking horns with the Best man could be one or the ages. Miro who has only recently found his way to All Elite Wrestling after being named in the last big group of WWE releases could have something to prove and could possibly want to show the world that he is still a super athlete and one of the best big men in wrestling. Who better to prove himself against than the TNA World champion, and the man most people are pegging as the next Impact Wrestling world champion? This is yet another match that could be a huge draw in an Impact vs AEW showdown.

    Dr Britt Baker vs Deonna Purrazzo:

    Two women who are very familiar with each other, two very talented individuals facing off against each other in a potential battle of the brands would be pride of place on any wrestling match up card. Purrazzo is of course a two time and current reigning knockouts champion whilst Britt Baker is still trying to break into the top spot of the AEW Womens division, so there is that possibility however small that Purrazzo could put the knockouts championship on the line. We can’t forget about the additions of Kimber Lee who is the curator for the knockouts champion, along with Rebel in the corner of the wrestling Dentist could add a little something extra to the potential match up between the two. Now, of course the two have faced off on many occasions during their time in Ring of Honor but this time it could be a fight for brand supremacy and extra bragging rights.

    Sami Callihan vs Jon Moxley:

    A feud that writes itself also, former tag team partners turned arch-rivals. Ever since Moxley became Jon Moxley again after his WWE exit this has been a feud/match that almost everyone has been calling for, both men have changed drastically since their early days on the independents and have had so much success both as singles wrestlers. A clash between the Ohio natives at this point in their careers has all the potential in the world to be a match of the year candidate, before it even happens. Sami, of course has become more dangerous and will stop at nothing to show the world that he one of the most dangerous wrestlers in the world today. Mox has also changed since their time on the independent scene a multiple champion in WWE and of course is the former AEW world champion, a fight between Callihan and Mox could do wonders for both companies and for all the wrestling fans.

    The landscape of professional wrestling could completely change on Tuesday night as the AEW World champion Kenny Omega is scheduled to appear on Impact Wrestling. Nobody knows what he wants or what he and Don Callis have to say about their actions from last Wednesday night, both companies are keeping all the information close to their chests. Nobody quite knows what both companies have planned but there is quite a lot of potential for almost anything to happen and it has left many fans wondering just what is going to go down this week on Impact Wrestling, this Tuesday on AXS TV, followed by Impact UK on Wednesday on Free Sports TV and Impact Plus circa 3 am.