Before Moose heads into the biggest match of his career at Against All Odds against Kenny Omega, let’s look back at his career to see what it took to get where he is today. Before entering the squared circle, the world first got to see Quinn Ojinnaka, an offensive lineman in the NFL with stints with the Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots, St. Louis Rams, and the Indianapolis Colts. After dealing with several injuries, Ojinnaka went into the world of professional wrestling training under Mr Hughes. He has an impressive list of trainees like Heath Slater, Apollo Crews, AR Fox, and more. Ojinnaka would change his name to Moose and made a name for himself in Ring of Honor. For two years, Moose would have impressive matches with Roderick Strong, Cedric Alexander, and New Japan’s Kazuchika Okada. Moose would become a substantial free agent in those two years, and the rumblings began to where he would go.

    In 2016 Moose would arrive at Impact Wrestling, where he would make an even bigger name of himself, becoming a top talent to this day. Moose would go on to have memorable rivalries with EC3, Eddie Edwards, and John Morrison. Some of Moose’s most memorable character work would come when he became the self-proclaimed “TNA World Heavyweight Champion” and call himself a God, adding a whole layer to the Moose character. For most of 2020, Moose would defend his unofficial championship over the new “Pandemic Era” of Impact Wrestling. He was defeating the likes of Suicide, Hernandez, Tommy Dreamer, and EC3. Moose ran through the competition claiming he was the real world champion, and there was only one person he had his eye on, the true world champion Rich Swann. After months of claiming he was the TNA World Champion Impact official, Scott D’Amore made Moose’s championship official. The stage was set at the Sacrifice Moose would take on Rich Swann to unify the Impact and TNA World Heavyweight Championships. Unfortunately, Moose did not walk away with both titles. Something bigger was on the horizon. The AEW World Champion Kenny Omega invaded the Impact Zone and had his eyes on collecting all the belts. Rich Swann failed to conquer The Cleaner out of Impact, and at Rebellion, Kenny Omega took both the Impact and TNA championships. Now the entire Impact roster is on the hunt to take out the outsider from taking away their prestigious titles. At Under Siege, Moose defeated four talented competitors to become the number one contender, and just like that, Moose is back to his one goal in becoming the Impact World Champion.

    Moose has held the Impact banner on his back. That is quite shocking he has never officially become world champion in both Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling. Usually, an ex-football player turned wrestler with a lot of flack for reaching the top, but Moose did it his way. He is making a name for himself in the different wrestling promotions away from the WWE banner. For six years, Moose has made Impact his company in its ups and downs. In the go home in was announced that his match would take place at Daily Place, the home of AEW, making this match even bigger. There is no doubt that Moose can become an incredible World Champion, but the reality is this is Kenny Omega’s first title defense. The superstardom Omega had reached when he won four world titles; there’s no way he’d lose it right away. But something is on the horizon is Sami Callihan, another Impact wrestler who has put the company on his back through the rough times. And if it’s someone who has so much to prove while the outsider holds his company titles, it’s Callihan. Against All Odds will propel Moose to another level there’s no doubt about it, and when this belt collector story settles down, Moose is a future world champion.