Modern athletes are able to perform seemingly impossible feats.

    They can now run faster, jump higher and endure more punishment than ever before. While there is no doubt that such talents often result from years of strength and conditioning training, we also need to mention that the presence of performance-enhancing drugs is on the rise. There have likewise been a number of high-profile athletes who have fallen victim to the eye of public scrutiny. Let us look at a handful of well-known examples in order to draw an objective conclusion.

    Maria Sharapova

    This young tennis star is known for her looks as well as her talent when on the court. Unfortunately, her career has also been tainted due to doping claims. She stated that she was unaware that the drug she had been taking was prohibited. After being banned from the sport for two years, this sentence was reduced to 15 months. She returned to tennis in 2017 and has been clean ever since.

    Lance Armstrong

    This is perhaps the most well-known example of doping in competitive sports. After having enjoyed several wins at the coveted Tour de France, Mr. Armstrong tested positive for a substance known as EPO testosterone. As Armstrong was an advocate of clean training and due to the fact that he survived a bout of cancer, these claims hit fans especially hard. Lance Armstrong was subsequently forced to return all of his Tour de France titles as well as an Olympic bronze medal.

    Hulk Hogan

    In terms of the most famous celebrities associated with a specific sport, there is truly no bigger name than Hulk Hogan. Considered to be an immortal within the wrestling community, he dropped a bombshell after admitting to steroid use for over 14 years during his career. Although many wrestlers have been suspected of employing performance-enhancing drugs, this mainstream celebrity shed new light up the sheer prevalence of such policies.

    Sammy Sosa

    It can be argued that the existence of doping was first brought into the limelight by the baseball community. Players such as Mark McGuire and Barry Bonds were all suspected of doping and in 2003, the MLB (Major League Baseball) associated carried out extensive tests on 104 athletes. Sammy Sosa tested positive for having such drugs within his system. He was even called to testify before Congress. However, Mr. Sosa denied all charges and claims that he had always been clean. He still stands behind this perspective to this very day. Still, his reputation inevitably suffered as a result.

    We can see that the presence of doping in modern sports has tarnished the careers of several high-profile individuals. As many athletes are coming under the scrutiny of both the public as well as regulatory bodies, we have to wonder whether or not these drugs will be stamped out permanently. Still, there is no doubt that professional athletes will always be looking for ways to perform at a higher level; regardless of the potential consequences.