Former ECW, FMW, and Japanese Legend Hayabusa, has passed away this morning. Eiji Ezaki, better known to the wrestling world as Hayabusa, was found dead with the cause being a subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding in the area of the brain and the tissues that cover the brain).

    He only spent a few months in the North American territories along with an appearance ECW Heatwave 1998 in an amazing contest with Sabu & Rob Van Dam. In October 2001, Haybusa suffered a broken neck while attempting an Asai Moonsault (Lionsault). He cracked two of his vertebrae & left him paralyzed.

    A video emerged of the legend rising from his wheelchair and walked to the ring for the first time since his accident, for a ceremonial 10 count. A true inspiration.

    Hayabusa was a Legendary figure in this industry, and an inspiration to many wrestlers, some of whom might not even have met the man himself. His style was years ahead of its time, and he could’ve been one of the Best Wrestlers in the World. We have collected some thoughts and memories of his peers down below;