Images courtesy: Lucha Underground, TNA Wrestling

    Lucha Underground has threatened TNA Impact Wrestling with a lawsuit over the contract of their wrestler, Hernandez.

    Hernandez re-signed with TNA recently after appearing on Lucha Underground season 1 on The El Rey Network. He was written into TNA storylines as part of the faction of “The Beat Down Clan” and several episodes of Impact have been taped in which he is included in segments and matches.


    TNA is now scrambling to replace this footage because as it turns out, Hernandez is still under contract with Lucha Underground. According to sources at TNA, Hernandez informed them that he was contractually free to go wherever he wanted. However, Lucha Underground have contacted TNA and informed them that this is not the case and that he is still under contract with their company, which means TNA cannot use the footage of Hernandez without legal ramifications.

    TNA is now in an unfortunate position, because several weeks of Impact have been completed including him, leaving them open to be sued. We’re told TNA have pulled any footage involving any BDC segments and will be dropping the storyline with immediate effect. Instead, they will air archived segments such as matches from Slammiversary and some vignettes. There are plans to record some new footage for these shows at the next set of TV tapings at the Impact Zone in Orlando.


    TNA have attempted to work a deal out with Lucha Underground, including paying them for his appearances. All of their approaches to work out a deal were turned down.