Marty Jannetty appeared on Boston Wrestling’s YouTube channel to discuss his social media claims on Facebook.

    • Jannetty stated that when he was 13, a front desk clerk at Victory Lanes, a bowling alley in Columbus, Georgia attempted to rape him behind the alley.
    • Jannetty stated that he knew the person was known for selling weed (which is why Jannetty went to see him) but didn’t know the same person “lured” children. 
    • Jannetty claimed that he was allegedly fondled inside the person’s car and when he tried to get out, the clerk got angry.
    • Jannetty stated that he was pulled out of the car into an alley and had his pants pulled down, but was able to grab a brick and strike the clerk before he could be assaulted.
    • Jannetty stated that the person didn’t deserve to die but “deserved to get his a** beaten.”  Jannetty also stated he didn’t intend for the person to die.
    • On his Facebook post, Jannetty claimed the body was disposed of in The Chattahoochee River.~
    • On the Boston Wrestling broadcast, Jannetty stated how the trauma of nearly being raped and then throwing the person in the river and “finding out on the news the dude’s missing” affected him badly.”

    While Jannetty has been known to make some outlandish statements on social media and has not been in the best of health in recent years, police in Georgia have opened an investigation into Jannetty’s claims, according to TMZ.  Jannetty is now 60, so if his claim of the incident happened when he was 13 is true, the alleged murder would have taken place in 1973. The Georgia Bureau of Investigations’ website does not list any unsolved murders prior to 1980.

    Jannetty’s claims are starting to be picked up locally by the mainstream media in Georgia as well.