Kenny Omega, better known as The Cleaner or The Best Bout Machine is synonymous with producing some of the greatest matches of all time. Through a decade of pro-wrestling, he continually creates long term storytelling in and out of the ring. Allowing viewers and supporters of pro-wrestling to become invested, regardless if they are lifetime viewers or new to the king of sports. Producing MOTY after MOTY consistently, since winning his first Best Bout award in 2010.

    Throughout 2020, one of the most difficult and challenging years for pro-wrestling, It is no surprise that Omega continued to deliver some of the best matches of the year.

    1. Kenny Omega Vs PAC: 30 Minute Iron Man Match (02/26/2020)

    The night the Best Bout Machine put PAC in his place; In a 30-minute Iron Man Match. Pac hit Omega with a steel chair early on, however, with lots of drive and determination Omega grappled the first point. Pac would go on to land his Black Arrow and tie with Omega, with under 3 minutes left on the clock. PAC would counter the Best Bout Machine’s One-Winged Angel. Omega had the option to move to the ropes for a reprieve, but PAC persisted and went for the move again after the break. The match would go into sudden death, Omega would land his V-Trigger, his version of the Kamigoye, a Double wrist-lock knee strike, and seal the deal with his finisher the One-Winged Angel.

    2. Kenny Omega Vs Laredo Kid: AAA Mega Title (12/12/2020)

    A Trip to AAA. As the match began Omega showed solid strength giving him an advantage over Laredo Kid in the ring. When comparing the measures of both the men, it was clear this match would be a tall order for Laredo Kid, even as a battle for the title. Omega would persistently try for his One-Winged Angel! However, Laredo Kid would exit counter out of it, as the match continued, Kenny Omega would finally land a memorable One-Winged Angel from the top rope.

    3. Kenny Omega Vs Hangman Adam Page: AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament (11/07/2020)

    Fighting between Friends. Kenny Omega became the number one contender for the AEW World Title, after a successful tag team partnership with Adam Page and would be entered into the tournament. The team had been showing signs of miscommunication and fractures in their relationship. Omega proved that he deserved to be in the final, and Page would put up a huge fight throughout the match, but Omega would land his V-Trigger and finish Page with a One-Winged Angel to secure a shot at the AEW World Champion

    4. Kenny Omega Vs Jon Moxley AEW World Title (12/02/2020)

    The night the Best Bout Machine defeated and outsmarted the most unpredictable champion in AEW. Omega would continuously hit Moxley with V-Triggers and several Snap Dragon Suplexes, Moxley would make a crucial mistake. He put his hands-on Don Callis, a man who is like family to The Cleaner. this would compel Omega on, and he landed a furious yet final One-winged Angel to win the AEW World Title, and disappear with Don Callis, to later appear on Impact!

    5. AEW Stadium Stampede: The Elite Vs. The Inner Circle (05/22/2020)

    One of the most unique matches to come out of AEW in 2020, the Stadium Stampede. this match was fought in a DDT Pro style fashion, displaying the battle between The Inner Circle and The Elite.

    Pressures running intense between the two factions, their match at Double or Nothing was a culmination that the fans needed to see. Omega would steal the victory for his group when he hit his One-Winged Angel on Guevara from the highest point of the end-zone burrow driving him through a bunch of tables.

    Kenny Omega continues to deliver some of the greatest matches of all time, dominating the world of pro-wrestling, a consummate professional who evolves with losses but showcase different ways of professional wrestling offense with his wins. When watching the matches from start to finish. They truly are works of art. If you look back to 2010 and view all the best bouts from Japan, Omega is featured, providing flawless finishes to every match.

    No matter the challenge or the opponent, Omega continues to be the most dominant wrestler in the MOTY class.