César Cuauhtémoc González Barrón, better known as Silver King has sadly passed away this evening after a match with Juventud Guerrera.

    He was working with Lucha Libre World “The Greatest Show of Lucha Libre” in London. This was with mostly AAA talent. Reports in Mexican media suggest he may have suffered a heart attack.

    Silver King was a former CMLL World Heavyweight Champion, AAA World Tag Team Champion along with many other championships in his career, he had been wrestling since 1985. He was known as many names in his career among which was Black Tiger (III) and also Ramses when he played the antagonist against Jack Black in the hit wrestling movie Nacho Libre.

    In terms of North America, he was with World Championship Wrestling for 3 years, mostly in 6 man tag team matches with Psicosis & La Parka or Villano IV & V. He made 5 PPV appearances, including 2 World War 3 Battle Royals, and an unsuccessful challenge for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship with Juve’. He would go on to join the LWO with leader Eddie Guerrero but was not a major part of the faction. He would return with El Dandy and manager Stacy Keibler as Los Fabulosos but was released from his contract in late 2000. He would return in CMLL and also NJPW as Black Tiger (After Mark Rocco & Eddie Guerrero). He had several tours with the promotion included working a series of matches with Tiger Mask IV (Current Tiger Mask).

    Later, in 2006, he would lose his “Lucha de Apuestas” to L.A. Park and was unmasked and went back to being Silver King which he has been to this evening.

    Silver King was 51. We wish his family, friends, and fellow luchadores the best during this difficult time.