Brock Lesnar returns to UFC in Las Vegas, Nevada, for one night only at UFC 200.

    Brock Lesnar returns to MMA after being granted a “one off opportunity” to compete at the upcoming UFC 200 event on Jul 9, 2016 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada – prior to his return at WWE Summerslam.

    WWE already have issued a statement on the situation, confirming that he is still under contract with WWE and will return after his UFC fight, at SummerSlam.

    Brock Lesnar remains under contract to WWE, however, he has been granted a one-off opportunity to compete at UFC 200.  Following this milestone event on July 9, Brock will return to WWE for SummerSlam on Sunday, August 21, live on WWE Network

    This is big news as Lesnar, 38, will be the first WWE Superstar to compete for UFC while under contract with WWE. His opponent is yet to be announced and as always we will bring you the news as soon as we hear it.

    UFC put up the below video on their official Facebook page showing Lesnar in the closing shot;

    Brock Lesnar made an immediate impact in MMA in his 69 second debut win over Min Soo Kim in 2007, and he has continued to shock the world ever since. A 2000 NCAA Division I National Champion in wrestling, Lesnar made a positive impression in his first two UFC bouts against Frank Mir and Heath Herring, but at UFC 91 in November of 2008, he showed why he is one of the most feared fighters in the sport as he defeated Randy Couture to win the UFC heavyweight championship.

    Brock Lesnar returns
    Brock Lesnar weighs in at UFC 141 for his bout against Alistair Overeem.


    It was confirmed today on ESPN SportsCenter that Brock Lesnar will face Mark Hunt at UFC 200.

    Brock Lesnar returns to UFC, will compete at UFC 200