This unique launch is not just an auditory experience but a visible spectacle that perfectly complements the darkish and mysterious vibes of horror punk. Nim Vind has released Anthology 1 in 3 different colored vinyls available at Sunny Bastards Shop. This Germany/UK release is also available to be shipped in the United States and other countries.

    Anthology 1 included Killing Saturday Night, songs from Saturday Night Seance Songs, and unreleased tracks. Each vinyl is a unique masterpiece, adorned with erratic blue splatters that mirror the chaos and unpredictability of the horror punk genre.

    Limited edition vinyl release adds a unique and collectible element to an artist’s discography.

    Nim’ has gained recognition for his distinctive blend of goth rock, horror punk, and post-punk influences. The horror punk genre, to which Nim Vind contributes, typically incorporates horror-themed lyrics, macabre imagery, and a gothic aesthetic into rock music.

    Nim Vind has released several albums and EPs, with some of his notable works including “The Fashion of Fear,” “Nim Vind,” and “Saturday Night Séance Songs.” His music often explores themes of horror, romance, and the supernatural, creating a unique and engaging sonic experience.

    Anthology 1 is a combination of new and older tracks for upcoming listeners, returning, and current fans.

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