This year, 2023, marks the 25th anniversary of the horror punk band Mister Monster. Mister Monster, known for their intense performances, emerged in the punk rock underground scene in late 1998. Spearheaded by J-Sin Trioxin, the band quickly gained recognition. In six weeks, they managed to write, record, release, and perform their inaugural show. Their Halloween 1998 performance was a resounding success, captivating audiences. The band’s debut album, “Songs From the Crypt,” sold out within a few days of its release. By the fourth pressing, Mister Monster’s popularity had skyrocketed, and they began playing to packed audiences across New Jersey and New York City. Over the next 18 months, the band toured small venues throughout the tri-state area and reconfigured their lineup.

    What is Horror Punk?:

    Horror punk is an intriguing genre that combines punk rock’s musical stylings with the eerie and visual elements found in horror films. This genre often takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to celebrate B movies, highlighting their tacky attributes. However, specific artists and songs within this genre delve into real-life terrors, resulting in fewer politically charged lyrics than traditional punk rock. Additionally, horror punk can draw inspiration from the doo-wop and rockabilly genres of the 1950s. Following the emergence of the Misfits, other bands came into existence, thus cementing the first wave of horror punk and leading up to the current time of the genre.

    J-Sin Comments on being one of the milestones of Horror Punk with Graveyard Greaser Gang: (full interview here)

    “Not at all. Im still surprised to this day when I see how much people dig this music. I don’t think it’s bad music, but it’s just amazing to me that people love it as much as I love The Stray Cats or The Damned. Mister Monster was originally started as a side band, I was in a band and around 1996/97 is when I wrote “Prom Night” “Dead Flesh Gurl” and “Little Frankenstein” the singer for the band hated these songs and told me to go do them somewhere else, probably some of the best advice I ever got.”-J-Sin to GGG in 2012

    Activision’s “Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines” video game featured music from Mister Monster, Empire Hideous, and Ghoultown. Mister Monster achieved global recognition and gained a loyal following through successful tours throughout the United States and independent music releases. The band’s fan club, The Skeleton Crew, played a crucial role in advancing the group’s success and helping them achieve cult status.

    The band was very D.I.Y when it came to the approach of touring and marketing. Their latest feature can be found on the horror punk compilation titled This Is Horrorpunk. They would succeed and be featured in several magazines, such as Fangoria.

    Mister Monster embarked on a tour across the United States, with attendance progressively increasing after each concert.

    J-Sin Comments on when he started playing music to Rock Jimmy: (full interview here)

    “I started on guitar when I was about 14 or 15, I was not seeing results quick enough. I was 14 years old and I thought within 1 or 2 months I would be playing like Slash, it wasn’t happening so I wasn’t happy, I sat at my friends drums one day and I just went off. It was proven to me that day that people are either born with or without musical talent because I never played the drums before. I played drums pretty much throughout high school, and I liked it because in high school I had long hair and I liked being behind a drum set. I got pretty good but then I started saying I want to be out there with the audience. I tried bass, because bass is the perfect medium between drums and guitar. My number one influence pretty much from when I was 6 years old was Duff McKagan, and I read interviews with him where he says he played drums and sang and played guitar, played bass and all that shit. I wanted to be just like him so I said “I’m going to try all these fucking things.” So I did and I actually liked playing bass the most, but I like all the different instruments for different reasons. I’d like to play drums in a 1988 hardcore band. I’d love to play bass in an 80s trash-rock band. I’d love to play guitar in a horror-punk band, and I am, so it all works for different things. I’ve been playing guitar the most, but, you know, drums are cool…”- J-Sin to RJ in 2006

    Back in the day, Trioxin whipped up a sweet demo with five tunes between ’99 and 2000. The band even snagged some buddies for gigs in the Big Apple and Jersey. In 2011, Trioxin, JV, Paul Lifeless, and Germ, the original members of Mister Monster, reunited to pay homage to the tenth anniversary of “Over Your Dead Body.”

    The production of Blitzkid’s highly acclaimed album, Five Cellars Below LP, was overseen by Trioxin.

    A heartbreaking post on Mister Monster’s Facebook page from December 18, 2018, shared the news of Jason Trioxin’s passing. On December 14, 2018, we lost a legend.

    Mister Monster’s Facebook page Halloween 2023:

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