Some people wait for the commercials instead of the actual SuperBowl or the half time show, and we’ve collected some of our favourites and thrown them all together!

    Uber Eats x Wayne’s World ft; Cardi B

    Comedians Dana Carvey and Mike Myers of “Wayne’s World” (among other films and shows) brought viewers back to the 1990s, for this fun spot for Uber Eats during the SuperBowl! It featured, in an almighty crossover, Cardi B!

    Mountain Dew x John Cena

    You might recognise this guy (even if you can’t see him). Multiple time WWE/World’s Champion John Cena stars in this wild, pink-hued commercial hawking the brand’s new watermelon-flavoured Major Melon soda. John Cena’s second SuperBowl appearance.

    McDonalds, Singing & Drive Thru

    Nice and Simple from the iconic Golden Arches brand, a staple of the SuperBowl, featuring Customers using the Drive Thru whilst singing multiple songs and having a lovely time! Cute!

    Bud Light Legends

    Featuring Post Malone, Cedric The Entertainer, and the BUDLIGHT KNIGHT among other former Bud Light Celebrities who have featured in SuperBowl commercials, all return in this spot for Bud Light.

    Amazon Alexa’s Body ft;

    A business exec dreams of what it would be like if Alexa’s human form looked like “Black Panther” star Michael B. Jordan… Weirdness ensues.

    You can find more of the SuperBowl adverts in the usual places and the New York Post has most of them all in one place here: