Kazuchika Okada and NJPW hosted a press conference this morning regarding the KOPW 2020 tournament.

    The main focus of the event was announcing the stipulations for the upcoming King Of Pro Wrestling 2020 tournament qualifying matches. This will be the tournament’s inaugural year, with Okada and NJPW working hard on the new format.

    Eight men will compete for the chance to call themselves KOPW champion for the year. August 26 sees the qualifying round for the tournament. Each of the eight men chose a match stipulation, with fans able to vote for their favourites. Final match announcements will be made next Monday.

    SHO vs. SANADA Submission match

    Toru Yano (Two count pinfalls) vs. BUSHI (Five count ringouts)

    Satoshi Kojima (Finishers only) vs. El Desperado (No finishers allowed)

    Kazuchika Okada (1 vs 3 handicap) vs. Yujiro Takahashi (Lumberjack with leather belt)