FULL THROTTLE was formed on May 10, 2020. The unit was assembled with Ohara and Yoshioka after leaving Sugiura-gun. The faction is still new and has had two different leaders. However, this unit in Pro-Wrestling NOAH is popular and shows great promise.

    The Formation of Full Throttle

    Kotaro Suzuki and Yoshinari Ogawa returned to form STINGER with HAYATA for another time on May 9, 2020. This would leave Atsushi Kotoge out of a unit in the promotion. Kotoge would attempt to join Suigiura-gun but Nosawa Rongai declined the option. Subsequently, Seiki Yoshioka turned on Rongai, Hajime Ohara attempted to try to avoid conflicts that could occur. He wound up going along with them, bringing about the arrangement of the new faction. The faction was named after Kotoge’s love for motorcycles.

    FULL THROTTLE would have their first match as a unit on June 10, 2020, against Sugiura-gun. The newly formed faction would lose against the new members of Sugiura-gun, Kaz Hayashi and Kendo Kashin. Kotoge started declaring himself as the head of the group, causing a conflict with Yoshioka and Ohara, who likewise had their goals of being the head of the stable. Kotoge participated in the All Four Sides, a competition to decide the following challenger to the GHC National Championship. This would also determine who was the leader of the stable if the title were claimed by FULL THROTTLE.

    The argument about the authority of leadership finished on August 1, 2020. NOAH holding a match to choose the head of the steady which different matches between Kotoge, Ohara, and Yoshioka. Eventually, Kotoge would win and become the leader of FULL THROTTLE.

    Full Throttle

    New Leadership in FULL THROTTLE

    On September 23, 2020, YO-HEY would turn on Harada. Harada was confronted by STINGER. They attempted to help. However, Kotoge teaming with Harada would cause FULL THROTTLE to remove Kotoge from the unit. Ohara proposed another triple threat match to choose the new head of the stable. Ohara faced Yoshioka and YO-HEY in a three-way match on December 1, 2020. This declared him the new leader of FULL THROTTLE.

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