The candidates begin to line up as we take a trip into the world of Carnyland!

    We start with an impassioned speech from Eddie Kingston about the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. He also dedicates all of his matches and promos to all those that have lost their lives due to racism.

    We see Stu Bennett in the future, who tells us that someone we see tonight will drop out of the mayoral race next week.

    We then see mayoral adverts from Thom Latimer, Kamille, Nick Aldis and Royce Isaacs. Isaacs’ advert was of poor quality.

    Joe Galli runs through the rules of the Carnyland mayoral election. Galli, however, gets a telegraph from Future Stu Bennett who says he is not fair and balanced.

    We then hear from Eli Drake, who references his infamous ‘drunk’ promo from Powerrr and says he has ‘shoes of a champion’. He declares his candidacy for Mayor of Carnyland.

    We then get episode two of ‘Entice Zicky Dice’ where he announces he is running for Carnyland Mayor too. He runs through all the things people can do to help him run for Mayor.

    We then get ‘Talking The Time’ with The Question Mark. He gives advice to someone about a lying spouse, but instead talks about pineapples and armageddon. It was weird.

    A frustrated Nick Aldis is not happy with the numbers Strictly Business’ campaign ads are doing. Aldis gets the help of Danny Deals.

    We then hear a ‘true’ story about May Valentine and her friend nearly marrying a magician she met at first sight, but it turned out he was a fraud.

    We then see an advert for Thunder Rosa, who is also running for mayor.

    Aron Stevens then teaches us about Mongrovia’s greatest export, Ka-ra-tay in this weeks ‘Unmasking Mongrovia’. He then announces his participation in the Carnyland mayoral race.

    We then see someone called Ester Addington is running for mayor. Allisyn Kay and Marti Belle then talk about her running, but they get into an awkward situation about Kay not being personable. Belle tries to teach Kay how to smile, but it was unsuccessful.

    Joe Galli runs down the candidates and is then mocked by Stu Bennett in the future once again via telegraph.

    Danny Deal then shows Nick Aldis his campaign advertisement. It is by and far the best advert out of the Strictly Business team. Aldis is certain he is going to win.