The unit known in Pro-Wrestling NOAH, as RATEL’S is one of the most popular factions in NOAH. They are one of the longest rivals of STINGER. Originally, formed on February 21, 2017, they were founded by Daisuke Harada, HAYATA, Tadasuke, and YO-HEY. This unique faction was brought together after the disbanding of Momo no Seishun Tag. The event occurred after a storyline with Suzuki-gun.

    In the Beginning…

    The storyline of Suzuki-gun would come to an end due to the talent leaving to New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Pro-Wrestling NOAH would announce that the storyline with the unit would come to an end on December 5, 2016. This would open doors to freelance wrestling competing in NOAH. As NOAH was on the way to reforming into their own image.

    The Feud…

    YO-HEY and HAYATA would compete in a match with Hi69 and Taiji Ishimori. This event in January 2017 would lead to YO-HEY and HAYATA challenging for the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. The feud for the vacant titles would become one of the important events, in RATEL’S history. February 14, 2017, Atsushi Kotoge would defeat Harada in a singles match. Leading to the disbanding of Momo no Seishun Tag.

    YO-HEY and HAYATA would lose that match for the tag titles. Ishimori and Hi69 would win the vacant titles. Harada would come together with Tadasuke to become a tag team. Three days later the two champions would form RATEL’S with HAYATA and YO-HEY. On March 12, Harada and Tadasuke ineffectively moved to Hi69 and Taiji Ishimori for the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships. On March 25 RATEL’S confronted XX and Hitoshi Kumano and Hajime Ohara. RATEL’S would then face Hitoshi Kumano, XX, And Hajime Ohara in an eight-man tag match. During the match, HAYATA stuck the GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion Ohara to get the main fall. Ratel’s wound up dominating the ring with Harada.


    On May 27, 2017, HAYATA became GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion. Taiji Ishimori would then challenge the member of the unit. The title match would occur at Great Voyage in Fukushima. The event is held annually and was produced in 2000. It is considered one of NOAH’s biggest and longest PPV. In 2017, the event was broken up into three events. HAYATA lost the title at that event. RATEL’S would later take part in a tag tournament. Being divided into two teams Harada and Tadasuke and HAYATA and YO-HEY. HAYATA and YO-HEY would advance in the final of the Global Junior Heavyweight Tag League. HAYATA and YO-HEY defeated Ishimori and Hi69 becoming the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. On October 1 Harada vanquished Ishimori to win the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship.

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    HAYATA and YO-HEY lost the titles to Ishimori and Hi69 on January 27, 2018. RATEL’s would create Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo.

    The Turns & Returns…

    On February 1, 2019, HAYATA would likewise serve attaches with the stable. Siding with YO-HEY, just to turn on the days after. On March 10, HAYATA and Tadasuke vainly tested Suzuki and Ogawa while Harada lost the title to Minoru Tanaka. On May 19, YO-HEY comes back to RATEL’S, after Stinger betrayed him.

    On October 3, 2019, it was reported that RATEL’S would hold their second event on November 24 at Shinkiba 1st Ring.

    Noah the Best 2019, Harada and Tadasuke crushed Kotaro Suzuki and Yoshinari Ogawa to win the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team belts. Soon thereafter, HAYATA would have an effective defence of the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship against YO-HEY. On November 26, Harada and Tadasuke lost the GHC Junior Tag Team belts.


    On March 29, HAYATA and YO-HEY vanquished Atsushi Kotoge and Kotaro Suzuki to win the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship. Sometime thereafter, Harada challenged Yoshinari Ogawa for the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship, finishing RATEL’S dispute with Stinger. A couple of months later in May 2020. HAYATA turned on YO-HEY. He would join Ogawa and Suzuki. Allowing them to reform STINGER. After HAYATA’s betrayal, the RATEL’S disbanded.

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