During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, Real1 (formerly Enzo Amore) commented on his future in the wrestling business, fresh from his appearance on Talk N Shop a Mania.

    “You know Big Cass’ trials and tribulations? You know like they…they way down, you know? A lot of what it is that I wanted to achieve in pro wrestling at that time and where my head was at? We were planning on doing together, as opposed to now ‘okay Eric you’re on your own again. What are you going to do? how do you see yourself getting involved in the forefront?’”

    “I can say like as far as pro wrestling goes? I’m working out some things right now that are f*cking monumental. Things that the world is not gonna see coming from a million miles away. Something that I’m working on that’s going to be very unique, that I just can’t give any details about.”

    “And I don’t want to blow any smoke up anybody’s a**. But we’ll see what happens…when it happens. Bottom line is, wrestling is a part of me. But, I couldn’t bring myself in this present climate to get out there in front of no fans. I don’t want to say rest assured, but I can almost guarantee to you that you won’t see me pop up unless there’s a big ass crowd there, because I’m out.”