The Icon Sting, the biggest name to have never wrestled for Vince McMahon… until that fateful Survivor Series night on a cold November evening in 2014.

    Hell had indeed frozen over as Mr. WCW stepped foot in a WWE ring for the first time in his legendary career to stare down Triple H. It was an epic moment, one that WWE should have run with but instead squandered and quickly turned into another opportunity to bury the Atlanta based promotion.

    Here, I take a look at how Sting’s WWE run should’ve been booked. 

    The debut at Survivor Series to derail The Authority was well done and couldn’t have been scripted better, to be honest. What could have been better was the aftermath. Did we need to wait until WrestleMania to see The Stinger clash with Triple H? Did we really need to see an ageing DX and NWO squabble over the Monday Night Wars? Definitely not.

    I’d have booked Triple H against Sting in a Street Fight at the Royal Rumble event with high stakes up for grabs. If Sting won, he would get a World Heavyweight Championship Match, but if Triple H was victorious, The Authority would be reinstated. Their WrestleMania bout was fun, and it would’ve been no different here. However, the outcome left a lot to be desired. There was no reason whatsoever for The Game to come out on top. Sting needed to win his first WWE match, and I’d have written him to do just that. 

    This would have led to Sting challenging Brock Lesnar for the World Heavyweight Championship at Fastlane the following month. It would’ve been a sprint of a contest with The Stinger surviving an early onslaught courtesy of Suplex City, before firing back with his greatest hits and almost getting the miracle win via the Scorpion Death Drop. However, in the end, the might of The Beast would be too much for Sting to overcome and he would succumb to the F5.

    The next night on Raw, Sting would come out to the ring to tearfully announce his retirement, explaining he has done it all now he’s wrestled in WWE and competed for Vince McMahon’s Heavyweight Championship. However, before he leaves the lights in the arena will go out and that infamous gong will resonate throughout the arena. The Undertaker will stride down and go face to face with Sting in a truly iconic moment. That’s when The Phenom will point to the WrestleMania sign and as the crowd go crazy, Sting accepts with a nod of the head. The ultimate dream match is set for the grandest stage of them all. 

    The match itself would be better than many expect. Don’t forget, Undertaker was in tremendous shape in 2015, and Sting would be extra motivated knowing he’s wrestling The Deadman in his first WrestleMania appearance. Give them 15 minutes, and you may have a mini classic filled with major spots and near falls. It will ultimately end following the Tombstone Piledriver and win for The Undertaker, of course.

    Sting would then bow out, and retire with his head held high having truly accomplished everything in an astonishing career. He would then rightfully enter the Hall of Fame the following year and go down in history as one of the greatest of all time. That’s how you book The Stinger’s run in WWE.

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