WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair has stated on his podcast, that he was injured during WWE’s tour of Mexico.

    During the most recent episode, Flair mentioned that he tore his Achilles Tendon during the WWE’s recent tour of Mexico It was thought that he would have to undergo surgery, however doctors ruled this out. Flair, 66, was given a course of Stem cell injections, in which doctors will have inserted stem cells through needles into Flairs foot, Stem cell therapy is usually used to treat osteoarthritis patients and although currently isn’t proven to have drastic effects, it has proven effective in aiding tissue grafts when treating diseases or injury to the bone, skin or surface of the eye.

    Flair has stated that although his ankle isn’t fully healed, he does have mobility and can walk around on it

    Flair did however, confirm that he will still be appearing on the upcoming WWE European Tour in November. Flair stated he “feels like he’s dodged a bullet” and is on the road to recovery. He then discussed his upcoming “30 for 30” show on ESPN.

    To listen to the podcast, you can head over to http://www1.play.it/audio/wooooo-nation-with-ric-flair