We have two different battle royals on the Wrestlemania 35 card. Who would make the best winners this year?

    Ah, the battle royals at Wrestlemania. Everybody in the pool, it’s time for a Wrestlemania payday! Both the Women’s and the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal (ARMBAR) will be full of talent from the lower card to the upper midcard. These matches in the past have been used for great moments and could be used as a launch pad for new feuds or a boost up the card. Here are three options for who could win each Wrestlemania Battle Royal.

    Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

    Braun Strowman

    Strowman is the only participant in the battle royal whose storyline really revolves around the battle royal. His issues with Saturday Night Live’s Michael Che and Colin Jost led to them being added to the match as well. After decimating those two, Strowman could have a dominating performance to win the match. WWE loves giving Strowman big moments as a way to keep him hot without necessarily putting a title on him. Having him dominate the ARMBAR could be a quick way to heat him up for another main event run.

    Tyler Breeze

    Mark this possibility under the category of “well why not”. Breeze hasn’t been doing much on RAW since Fandango went out with an injury. He’s a talented worker and a fan favourite who has seemingly been voicing his displeasure with his usage on twitter recently. Why not give Breeze a mini-push to entice him to stay? WWE likes to give surprise winners for the Andre (like Baron Corbin at 32 and Mojo Rawley at 33) and Breeze could be that fit.


    To say the Andre is a launching pad for WWE stars would be a mixed bag. Cesaro and Baron Corbin have used it to make themselves more prominent, but winners like Big Show and Matt Hardy didn’t need the rub. Andrade winning the ARMBAR and having Zelina Vega smugly talk up her client could lead to some fun matchups in the upper midcard of RAW or SmackDown Live. Plus, Andrade posing tranquilo with the trophy would make for a nice visual.

    Women’s Wrestlemania Battle Royal

    Sonya Deville

    When trying to find a good winner for this battle royal, we have to remember that WWE loves a good moment during Wrestlemania. What a moment it could be for Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose to break up during the match after they’ve had some conflict in the past month. Rose attempts to toss Deville, but gets turned around and eliminated by Sonya. It will be (on a less extreme scale) the ending we should’ve had in the ARMBAR at Wrestlemania 31 when Damien Mizdow eliminated Miz, but was still tossed out by Big Show.


    The internet community is still upset about Asuka’s treatment heading into Wrestlemania. She dropped the SmackDown Women’s Championship to Charlotte just two weeks ahead of Wrestlemania in a previously-unannounced match. Last year at this time she was undefeated for a few years heading into her Wrestlemania singles match. It isn’t a huge consolation, but having Asuka dominate the battle royal and get some of her momentum back.

    Nikki Cross

    This is similar to the Tyler Breeze pick for the Andre. Why not let Nikki Cross have a moment? She has been incredibly over in NXT and has been presented oddly since moving up to the main roster. Cross will take on all competitors and seeing her toss wrestlers over the top while running around the ring like a tornado would be fun to watch. Nikki could then use this boost to get herself a high profile feud on the main roster. Maybe a rematch of her great NXT feud with Asuka awaits after winning the battle royal.