Whilst The Undertaker is not on the poster for WrestleMania 34, with John Cena fast running out of roads to WrestleMania, calling out the Undertaker one final time in the last RAW before WrestleMania is his only hope.

    The Undertaker left his hat, coat and gloves in the ring at WrestleMania 33 after being dethroned in his own yard by Roman Reigns. This should be the end of The Phenom in my opinion. The streak is gone, we’ve witnessed 2 unimaginable defeats. The atmosphere surrounding the Deadman has taken a blow and not many fans are interested in seeing him anymore.

    This match does have potential, regardless of it being in 2018. To take this match to the next level, there are two things we need to see to stop this match from being considered an uninspiring, slow death.

    But before we get into the stipulation, there is one factor that has to happen.

    Undertaker needs to return as the American Bad Ass.

    Undertaker returns to Monday Night RAW on April 2nd as the American Bad Ass. ‘Taker, after weeks of being embarrassed and taunted by Cena can show up on the bike, brawl and kick some serious ass. It would put him in a completely different light, it would be exciting, fresh and different after Taker seemingly ‘retiring’ The Deadman at last years ‘Mania. It would change the atmosphere from previous years and with Kid Rock entering the Hall of Fame; It’s written in the stars.

    This match is just too late to be considered a “must-see” and a “dream match”. If the streak was intact, this match would have been gigantic, there’s no doubt. This match can’t be what everybody wants and needs it to be but if we are going to see it, we need to see more than just a singles match. The last time John Cena faced The Undertaker was 2006. It feels like stipulations are a thing of the past and are lacking incredibly in recent years. This match will really falter unless something gives it a bit of cutting edge or something is on the line. A match like this, regardless of timing and age deserves something special.


    Here are my 6 potential Stipulations:


    1. No Holds Barred

    We have seen The Phenom in a No Holds Barred match before when Triple H tried to end the streak at WrestleMania 27 in what I believe was one of Undertaker’s last great matches. This stipulation could suit both Undertaker and Cena given the qualities of wrestling they possess. Fans need to hear more than just a “singles match” if this is going to happen and hold some presence and inject some excitement on the card. No Holds Barred is classic, it’s brutal and both competitors are ruthless and will do whatever it takes to win. It deserves to be a stipulation at WrestleMania.


    2. Hell In A Cell

    This stipulation is synonymous with The Undertaker. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if his last match took place inside the cell. This is one of my favourite stipulations and arguably the one that brings the most out of The Undertaker in what everybody would believe to be his final battle. Through the years he has always delivered in these kind of matches. Whether it was against Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Mankind and plenty more victims. Undertaker has always stepped up to the plate inside the cell and delivered breathtaking moments.


    3. Last Man Standing

    Another stipulation that we just don’t see that much of anymore. It can be time consuming and that’s most likely why it will never happen for this match. If you take Undertakers health into consideration, how long he’s expected to wrestle for and bigger matches on the card such as AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura, Asuka vs Charlotte and Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns. They cant afford to have a match like this go on for too long. However, the thought of two giant performers such as these, arguably the most tenacious and resilient we’ve ever seen, in a Last Man Standing match at WrestleMania would be something unforgettable.


    4. Casket Match

    The last Casket Match we’ve seen was Daniel Bryan vs Kane on Smackdown in 2015.

    This would be remarkable if this was to happen, if this is indeed The Undertaker’s last ride (never say never!) then a casket match would be brilliant. I’ve said for a long time that every time The Undertaker is expected to return, I’d like him to return as the American Bad Ass, show up and punish people, and whilst there is rumours of this happening, I’m never confident in it. We know he left his hat, coat and gloves in the ring but what does it mean?

    If The Deadman shows up in his usual attire and it’s business as usual, then this match is perfect. Many fans are upset and even embarrassed at the thought of Undertaker’s potential return but to know it’s a casket match would hit them hard with nostalgia and give them something to look forward to. It has a lot more suspense and edge to it and in terms of excitement, it’s one of the best stipulations to ask for with The Undertaker.

    The Undertaker has been in the most casket matches with a record of 4-3.


    5. Buried Alive Match

    Getting in the ring with The Undertaker takes a certain amount of guts, let alone The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Would John Cena have it in him, facing the prospect of being thrown into an open grave and having dirt shovelled on top of him until he’s completely buried alive?

    There has only been five Buried Alive matches in the history of WWE and The Deadman has been involved in all five. The latest coming against his brother, Kane at Bragging Rights (2010).

    This would be a great final farewell for The Undertaker if we could see a match of this calibre just one more time before he bows out.


    6. Career vs Career, Retirement Match

    I imagine if there is any stipulation for The Undertaker v John Cena, this is likely it. Sadly, Undertaker has been approaching the end of his career for so long now that it feels like it’s never going to happen. His defeat to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33 had a lot of meaning and purpose and I do believe him coming back will make Reigns look weak after he was one of two men to best the streak and beat him at WrestleMania.

    That being said, there was never any real confirmation on Undertaker’s retirement. We never heard him or anybody else say “retired”, ever. There needs to be a definitive end and it has to be now.

    However, a win for the Undertaker isn’t beyond the realms of possibility. WWE have a defining streak-shocking moment in their hands and could stun the entire wrestling community by having The Undertaker end John Cena’s career at WrestleMania 34. Fans would go crazy, social media would overload. It would give John a chance to focus on his career outside of wrestling and could later make a comeback, as everybody does.