Sports betting is a billion-dollar global industry. Every day, all around the world, bettors put money down on their favourite sporting event and cross their fingers in the hopes of picking a winner. But with a historically small betting market, sports fans Down Under considering Aussie sports betting may not know where to begin.

    With the help of a betting guide, even novices can try their hand at sports betting and wager with confidence. Consider this a beginner’s guide to Australian sports betting.

    Know the basics

    Just like anything in life, you have to walk before you run. No one jumps right into something and becomes an expert instantly. Starting with the simple things is the best way to start. When making your first bets, it is crucial to know the odds and the different bet types available.

    Odds. When you see various sporting events listed, you will see a number listed beside the event. These are the odds, generally listed with a + or – sign on the American format, but also often in fractional or decimal terms. Let’s say you intend to bet on an A-League match. Since decimals are most common in Australia, let’s focus on that.

    In a match between Melbourne City FC and Sydney FC, the odds may be 1.87 in favour of Melbourne City. The odds indicate not only the probability of the event happening but the potential payout as well. In this instance, that would make MCFC the clear favourite. So, for a $10 bet, you would receive $18.70 back for a winning wager. While bets with higher odds seem safer, the return may not be worth the risk.

    Bet types. While there are too many bet types to cover them all, there are a few that are extremely commonplace. For most major sports, there is the money line, spread, and total. The money line involves picking who will win the contest, the spread means guessing which team will win while taking account a handicap (the margin of victory), and the total involves betting on how many points/goals/runs both teams will account for.

    In the case of a spread, let’s say you are betting on American Football. You see that the New York Jets are -3.5 in their game against the Miami Dolphins. In order to win the bet, the Jets would need to win by at least four points. With a spread, the odds will be the same no matter which team you’re betting on, whereas with a moneyline picking the underdog will net a bigger payout than betting on the favourite.

    Live betting

    Live betting has become a major part of sportsbooks everywhere. Traditionally, you would have to get your bets in on a game before it started. Once the contest began, you would be locked out from making any further wagers.

    Live betting allows players to get in on the action at any point. Watching the game ebb and flow can give insights that would not have existed prior to the game. The odds on the money line, spread, total, and more will all shift throughout, creating potentially better odds than would have otherwise existed. It adds another dimension to the game, providing more interest in any game.

    Choosing a bookmaker

    Finally, being a beginner to sports betting means that you need to choose a sportsbook. When you begin your search, sportsbooks can look quite similar. A few traits will help the best of the best stand apart from one another.

    Reputation. When in doubt, go with the most well-known books. Those sportsbooks have been around for long enough that they have produced many happy customers. It at least gives you peace of mind knowing that your information will be safe, and you can focus on playing rather than all of the peripherals.

    Odds. Odds are not the same at every sportsbook. Some have more valuable odds than other books. Shopping around to find the best odds can give you a chance to get a little more bang for your buck on a given match or game. For the most part, the odds on a game will be fairly close but finding that little bit of value can make a difference in the long run.

    Bonus offers. Perhaps the most important of choosing a sportsbook is the bonus offers. Each sportsbook offers new players a perk to entice them to sign up. Sometimes it is free bonus bets. Other times, the book will match new player deposits to a certain percentage up to a given amount. The bonus bets are the best way to add to your bankroll without having to put much of your own money at risk.

    Final thoughts

    With so many sportsbooks to choose from, a little useful information can go a long way. Before long, you will be wagering in confidence and getting the most bang for the buck. Don’t just jump into Aussie sports betting. Use this simple guide and you will feel like a veteran bettor before you start.