Welcome to part three of my Welcome Home Kairi series. In my first two articles, I gave you five matches in Stardom that need to happen and ten dream matches in all of Japan that I want to see. In part three, I am going to go through the entire Stardom roster, name by name, and I’m going to give you an excitement level and a bit about the potential match with Kairi. I’m going to try not to rant about each name though, this is a long list after all. Just a little bit about the match for when it happens because chances are, it will at some point. That’s enough from me for now, let’s get into the roster. It’s Pirate Princess Kairi vs Stardom!

    Kairi vs Stardom : AZM (Azumi) ★★★★★

    The High-Speed Bomb Girl, Azumi, is from the same rookie class as Kairi despite there being more than a decade in age difference between the two. They’ve also had limited interactions with each other since they both debuted. Kairi is 33, AZM is 19, both are phenomenal in the ring.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Fukigen Death ★

    As much as I love Fukigen and her comedic acts in the ring, I’m just not excited to see another match between her and Kairi. Fukigen is in the twilight of her career and she rarely has a match lasting longer than five minutes. No thank you guys.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Giulia ★★★★ 1/2

    Giulia and Kairi, that is a match that would be absolutely insane one-on-one. Giulia is one of the top stars in Stardom right now, despite her checkered past. Right now, she’s at the top of her game, got a date with Syuri soon and absolutely needs to face Kairi.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Hanan ★★

    As much as I love Hanan, she’s just not quite to Kairi’s level yet. She is still really young and has a long time to improve her skills in the ring, a match with Kairi would certainly help, but as of right now this just isn’t a match I’m excited to see.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Hazuki ★★★★★

    God yes, this match needs to happen again. It’s been a long time since Hazuki and Kairi have mixed it up in the ring and it’s just something that I need to see once again. Kairi and Hazuki can bring out the best in each other and it will steal the show. I guarantee it.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Himeka ★★★

    The “Jumbo Princess” is growing on me the more I get to see her in the ring. I am just not in the camp that wants to see her and Kairi as a first choice. Sure it would be a fine match and could be a sleeper hit, but I’m just not overly excited for it.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Koguma ★★★ 1/2

    Koguma isn’t quite the same as she was before her hiatus, but that doesn’t take away from her skill in the ring. There are just other women in Stardom that I want to see the Pirate Princess face off with more than her. I am positive a match between these two would be phenomenal though.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Lady C ★★★

    Lady C is starting to come into her own finally and it’s refreshing to see. The newest member of Queen’s Quest and the Tower of Stardom could benefit from facing the veteran Kairi. I don’t think she’s ready but it would do wonders for her career.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Mai Sakurai ★★

    Mai Sakurai made a big change when she jumped ship from Cosmic Angels to DDM but that’s not quite enough to make me excited for this match. Mai has a lot of potentials and is improving, but it’s just not a thrilling match right now.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Maika ★★★★

    Maika is one of the women in Stardom who has grown on me a lot in the last year. Give me this match when Maika is fully healthy and it would be one hell of a match. Maika’s continuing to improve in the ring and she’s only going to keep getting better.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Mayu Iwatani ★★★★★

    There aren’t many names in Stardom that have as much history with Kairi as Mayu Iwatani does. Let’s face it, the two of them are a couple of the best women’s wrestlers on the planet and they really need to face off one-on-one again soon.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Mina Shirakawa ★★★★

    Mina’s improved leaps and bounds over the last year despite still being relatively green. She’s got the intensity and is finally finding her style. I want to see what she brings to the ring against someone as skilled as the Pirate Princess is.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Mirai ★★★

    Mirai is one of the newer faces in Stardom but she has some name power and she’s really damn good in the ring. Sure, I’m not overly excited to see the match, but it is one that would be a lot of fun. There are just more exciting matches for me here.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Miyu Matsuda ★★★★

    Miyu Matsuda is the newest face in Stardom, fresh out of the dojo actually. She had a really good match against Utami Hayashishita at New Blood and she was immediately brought into Queen’s Quest. I wasn’t sure before, but now I wanna see the Pirate Princess vs Miyu.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Momo Kohgo ★★★ 1/2

    I’m a bit more excited to see a match between Momo Kohgo and Kairi than I am some of the other newbies in Stardom. Momo reminds me a lot of Hana Kimura and frankly, I think a match between Kairi and Kohgo will be better than anyone thinks.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Momo Watanabe ★★★★ 1/2

    Times have certainly changed when it comes to Momo Watanabe. It’s been a long time since she and Kairi have stepped into the ring together and now Momo is the equivalent to the Joker. Let’s see what Kairi can do against this unpredictable force.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Natsupoi ★★★★★

    Natsupoi and Kairi is a match I absolutely need injected into my veins and forced into my eyeballs. The High-Speed Fairy and the Pirate Princess will steal the show and will put on a treat for fans that few on the Stardom roster could hope to match.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Rina ★★★

    Unlike her sister Hanan, I really am coming to enjoy watching Rina in the ring. She’s still improving sure but she is a few steps ahead of her sister. I would love to see Rina step up to Kairi and see what she could do against the veteran.

    The Pirate Princess Kairi vs Stardom : Ruaka ★

    Ruaka is Stardom’s equivalent to former WWE performer Nia Jax. She’s big, she’s not very athletic but she has power and she is learning how to use it. Maybe someday Ruaka will give Kairi a good match, right now that is not going to happen.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Saki Kashima ★★★ 1/2

    Saki Kashima is stepping up her game in recent times and it’s refreshing to see. She put on a hell of a match against Thekla and she is only getting better in the ring. I want to see what she can do against Kairi and I really think it would be fun.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Saya Iida ★★★★

    Saya Iida is back from injury this month and it’s a long time coming. I am super excited that she is back. It means STARS is at full strength and Saya doesn’t seem to have missed a step. It’s refreshing to see and I am excited to see her step to Kairi.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Saya Kamitani ★★★★

    The current Wonder of Stardom Champion would be a fun match for Kairi, not gonna lie. Especially since Saya spoiled Kairi’s return surprise. Kairi was not impressed by that and she seems to have set her eyes on Saya. Make it happen Rossy.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Starlight Kid ★★★★★

    A match between Starlight Kid and the Pirate Princess is already booked for March 27th and this is a perfect first single’s match back for Kairi. The kid is one of the most well-rounded performers that Stardom has and will really put Kairi to the test. Selfishly, I’ve wanted to see this match for a few years now…

    Kairi vs Stardom : Syuri ★★★ 1/2

    I’m honestly not the biggest Syuri fan. I respect her skill and everything she has done in the ring but she just doesn’t do it for me. The current World of Stardom champion would give Kairi a decent match but there is very little excitement there for me.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Tam Nakano ★★★★★

    Tam Nakano is one of the best in Stardom right now and there is no debating it. Tam is a vicious striker and she is really fun to watch in the ring. I cannot wait to see the tag match with her and the Pirate Princess, but I want a single match sooner rather than later.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Thekla ★★★★

    The Poison Spider is one of the most unorthodox wrestlers I’ve ever seen in a Stardom ring and frankly, she’s someone that I think would be a stiff test for Kairi. Given her style in the ring and her speed, I think this would be one hell of a match.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Unagi Sayaka ★★★★

    Unagi calls herself the Stardom Assessor and that’s because she challenges everyone coming into the promotion. She’s a really good performer in the ring and she’s gonna be in for a rude awakening at their tag match against Kairi this month.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Utami Hayashishita ★★★★

    The Red Queen is one of the top stars in Stardom right now and is a former World of Stardom Champion. I really want to see what she can do in the ring with someone as skilled and experienced as Kairi is.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Waka Tsukiyama ★

    Waka is just not quite where she needs to be when it comes to her growth in the ring. She could certainly benefit from facing someone like Kairi in the ring, but I’m gonna be honest here. Kairi would absolutely destroy her and wrestle circles around her.

    There are a few more names but I didn’t include them in the main roster list because they are either injured, on hiatus or technically not part of the Stardom roster anymore. Here they are folks.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Hina ★★

    Hina’s out of action right now, not due to injury but because she wanted to focus on her studies. I’m not sure if she will return to the ring or when she will, but I am sure there will be ring rust involved and frankly, I’m not excited to see her face Kairi right now.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Konami ★★★★

    Konami and Kairi have history, however Konami is currently completely out of wrestling recovering from a myriad of injuries and health issues. I wish the Submission Sniper a speedy recovery, selfishly because I want to see her and Kairi one more time. Rumor is she is a Freelancer at the moment, but she did vow to return to Stardom.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Natusko Tora ★★★

    The leader of Oedo Tai led an attack on Kairi at her reveal press conference and you know that Kairi will want revenge. She gets part of a chance against Kid soon, but I am sure she wants to get her hands on Tora as soon as she can. Problem is, Tora is out dealing with a torn ACL and won’t be cleared for a while yet.

    Kairi vs Stardom : Sumire Natsu ★★★

    Sumire Natsu has been out dealing with a serious shoulder injury for some time and she isn’t on the official Stardom roster page anymore, but that doesn’t take away from fans wanting to see her return. Apparently, she will be a part of the Nomads Promotion going forward, not 100% sure but that’s the latest. Ring rust is a real thing and she needs time before stepping to Kairi.

    I hope you all enjoyed my three-part list series to welcome Kairi home to Stardom. Let us watch how the Pirate Princess finishes her career where it all began.