Photos courtesy: Fetch, Fremantle Media

    In the old Coliseum Video days, special “foreign” events like the Beast In The East were often used to sell videotapes so there was a pleasant feeling of nostalgia popping this DVD in the machine.  The setting of the event immediately gives it a unique feel, much removed from the cookie cutter nature of the WWE’s weekly output.

    People who know me will know of my, shall we say, mixed feelings about Chris Jericho but he opens up things here with a very good match with Newcastle’s own Neville. Does the right man win? Probably not but its a fast paced opener that kicks things off on a high note. Quite how Nikki Bella, Paige and Tamina were supposed to follow that one is a question best left to others, but as we’re in the land that brought us the likes of Manami Toyota, The Crush Gals and, yes, Bull Nakano it only makes the sloppy nature of the match even more depressing.


    Luckily the “beast” of the show’s title is next in a fun squash match with Kofi Kingston. Many questioned the choice of opponent here but for me it was something else on the show that gave it a different feeling from what we are normally served up. And it sure is fun to see Lesnar do his stuff here!  And I swear that Kofi almost had him once or twice.  Next time, Kofi, next time!


    Next up, ahem, was the undoubted match of the night with Kevin Owens defending his NXT Title against Finn Balor. This is sure to rank high up in terms of best WWE matches of the year in December’s polls and it was nice to see the Japanese style pageantry AND that it was booked as if it was on an NXT show and not given short shrift on “WWE” territory.  The main event of John Cena & Dolph Ziggler vs Kane & Wade Barrett can’t help but feel anti-climatic after that but on its own merits its a decent enough ending to a good show.

    The DVD extras add two “dark matches” not previously seen. Cesaro vs Diego is very good and great fun, whilst The New Day vs Lucha Dragons offers up much entertainment too.

    All in all a nice change of pace from WWE and a good little show.

    Format reviewed: DVD (Not available on Blu-Ray)

    Thank you to our partners, and Fetch for providing our review copy of WWE Beast in the East, which is available on DVD in the UK now. You can buy your copy from now by clicking here.