On Wednesday evening, The Undertaker made a surprise appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, his first late night TV appearance on the show. Undertaker was in a ‘suggestion box’ segment.

    The segment saw Fallon read a suggestion from a fan who wanted to see The Undertaker come out and Tombstone Piledrive someone in a turkey costume. Fallon then said he wouldn’t know how to contact Taker, as the gong hit and Undertaker came out to his iconic entrance music complete with lights. We saw Taker hit his Tombstone Piledriver finisher on a Turkey (played by fellow WWE Superstar Brad Maddox) and get the pinfall.

    Fallon then went on to promote the 25th anniversary of The Undertaker at Survivor Series on November 22nd and ended the segment. See the segment in the video below;