Despite what Twitter keeps telling you, WWE and AEW have not killed BritWres.

    Yes, they have taken most of the top-tier talents, but that’s what the major wrestling companies have always done. If this was 10 or 15 years ago, then BritWres would probably fall back into the dark pit of despair it used to be in. Nowadays there are a ton of great British wrestlers who are performing worldwide.

    The likes of Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate are currently doing wonders in WWE. Outside of WWE, Jimmy Havoc and Kip Sabian are in AEW, Mark Haskins is in ROH, and Will Ospreay, Marty Scurll, Zack Sabre JR, Chris Brookes and Martin Kirby are all doing great stuff in Japan right now. It’s a great time to be a British wrestler right now, and the future is very bright.

    The fact is, there is still a ton of BritWres people who are brilliant and unsigned. Up and down the country, there are wrestlers busting their behinds off to prove that they deserve a chance to perform on a bigger stage. This list is going to focus on the people that are under 25, and yet are still amazing. I’ll warn some of you in advance, this list may depress the hell out of you.

    5. Millie McKenzie

    Millie McKenzie is someone who it feels like has been around for more than the three and a half years she has been wrestling. Maybe it’s because she has the skills and the moveset of people years older than her. The fact that she’s this good and she’s only 19 means that the future is very bright for Millie.

    She is currently taking Japan by storm, wrestling in the Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling promotion, where she is a former Sendai Girls Junior Champion and a Tag Team Champion as part of Medusa Complex with Charli Evans. She has also held gold in Defiant, and Kamikaze Pro Wrestling, where along with No Fun Dunne and Los Federales Santos Jr, she has been a Tag Team Champion for over a year now. She is already vastly experienced for someone her age and will only get better as she gets older. Considering how good she is now, that’s a scary thought.

    Interestingly, she has had experience with a major company before. In 2018, she worked three matches for WWE and NXT UK. She was included in the tournament to crown the first ever NXT UK Women’s Champion, losing in the first round to Jinny. She was reportedly offered a contract but turned it down to continue touring with Sendai Girls. If she keeps wrestling the way she does, it surely won’t be long until one of the major companies try to snap her up.

    4. Scotty Davis

    The fact that Scotty Davis is already one of the best in Europe at just 19 years of age is testament to just how good the Supreme Suplex Machine is. He’s already faced some of the best wrestlers in the world, like David Starr, Jordan Devlin, Jushin Thunder Liger, A Kid and Darby Allin. The fact that companies think that he’s good enough already to tangle with some of the best shows everyone just how good Davis is. He’s already won gold in a lot of different promotions, and he is currently one half of the PROGRESS Tag Team Champions along with his friend and mentor, Jordan Devlin. He also won the annual PROGRESS Natural Progression Series, in which he used his title opportunity to fight for the Tag Titles along with Devlin.

    He is already attracting glances from WWE, and it’s easy to see why. Crowds love him, he’s got a great moveset, he’s got a great look and he’s young enough to be the face of their company for years to come.

    Ospreay, Liger, Devlin and many more have said how good Davies is to wrestle, and that they see him as the future of wrestling. The fact that these fantastic wrestlers hold Scotty in such high regards is even more proof of his amazing ability. If he’s this good at 19 years old, imagine how good he’ll be in five years’ time.

    3. Kyle Fletcher

    Despite having success as a tag team wrestler alongside Mark Davies as part of Aussie Open, it’s as a single wrestler that Kyle has a bright future with, because the guy is fantastic. He’s already got a strong fanbase through Aussie Open, and with Davies currently out for the foreseeable future, it’s the perfect time for Fletcher to strike out on his own and prove just how good he is.

    He’s had great matches with Japanese legends like Daisuke Sekimoto and Meiko Satomura, as well as people like Will Ospreay and Tyler Bate. He’s had great matches across the country, proving that he’s not just an amazing tag team competitor, he’s also a phenomenal singles wrestler too. He’s everything major companies should be looking for right now. He’s young, he can do aerial and power moves, and he’s only gonna improve as time goes on. He recently toured with Ring of Honor when they toured the UK, so companies are finally starting to notice the potential Kyle has.

    If he’s already having great matches now, just imagine how good the ‘’Aussie Arrow’’ is going to be in five or so years. It’s only a matter of time before some other big company coming sniffing around him, so someone should act soon, because the future is bright for the young Australian.

    2. Candy Floss

    At just 19 years old, Candy Floss is fast becoming one of the rising stars of British Wrestling. Not only is she improving every time she steps into the ring, she also has a bright and bubbly personality that makes it impossible not to root for her when she is wrestling.

    Don’t let her sweetness fool you though. Between the ropes, she is ferocious. She’s fast, powerful, deadly and possesses a very strong armbreaker which has put away many a foe – especially at RIPTIDE Wrestling, where Candy Floss is a regular. She is also no stranger to intergender wrestling, locking up with the likes of Chris Ridgeway, TK Cooper and Chuck Mambo on multiple occasions and never looking out of place. She also has worked with NXT UK on several occasions, mainly as an enhancement talent, so they are at least aware of who and how talented she is.

    She is exactly the sort of wrestler WWE or especially AEW should be hiring. At the moment, AEW’s women’s division lacks depth and personality. Candy Floss is the sort of person who could bring life to their drab women’s division. With a little bit of time, who knows? Maybe she could become one of their most popular stars.

    1. Dan Moloney

    Dan Moloney has perhaps benefitted the most from WWE/AEW hoovering up the British Talent. Seemingly released from NXT UK, he has taken advantage of the opening at the top of BritWres and has come crashing through to become one of the most exciting people in wrestling right now, and he’s still only 22 years old.

    He’s worked hard and earned the right to be called a top name in the British Wrestling scene. He’s become a regular for promotions such as ATTACK (Where he is one half of the current Tag Team Champions alongside Man Like DeReiss), Revolution Pro Wrestling and especially Fight Club Pro, where he is the current FCP Champion, defeating friend and mentor Trent Seven to win the vacant title. He got the nickname of ‘Drilla’ because of his hard-hitting ways and his devastating finisher, a Gory Special transitioning into a Piledriver, which, in my opinion, is the deadliest finisher in BritWres today.

    He’s the modern mix of speedy and powerful. He’s faced some of the best in the world and he’s come out on top. Make no mistake, he’s a force to be reckoned with when he’s in the squared circle. WWE might have done Dan Moloney a huge favour by releasing him, because if they hadn’t, then he might not have developed into the star that he is today.

    I tried to avoid the obvious ones here and go for some less well-known names. If you want to see any of these names as well as several other fantastic people, then I recommend finding a local wrestling show and showing love to some of your faves. There are some good promotions who put on consistently great shows.

    Companies such as ATTACK, Breed, FCP, TNT and countless others are putting on fantastic shows, so I would recommend attending shows as often as you can. Who knows, you might end up finding some new wrestlers to love.