Triple H conducted a Q&A on Twitter ahead of Wednesday Night’s NXT TakeOver: Respect event. These Q&A’s have become a staple of the NXT special shows. With his philosophy of “no softballs” and not one to avoid difficult questions it’s always interesting to see what gets thrown the way of the Chief Operating Officer.

    Here’s the rundown from today’s proceedings:

    @McmullinScott: Do you see @ApolloCrews as NXT champion one day soon? #NXTTakeOver
    Triple H: He certainly has the potential to. I believe in @ApolloCrews.

    @nicoletishaa: How do you avoid redundancy? how do you keep things fresh for your brand? do you ask talent for their opinion? #NXTTakeOver
    Triple H: I pretty much do what I would like to see. I avoid redundancy through prolixity, superfluity, and wordiness.

    @HHHRocksMyWorld: Define the Feeling you get when the crowd chants “This is Awesome” #NXTTakeOver
    Triple H: It’s why we do what we do. The crowd on its feet…Not for one awesome moment, but for the whole night.

    @PipeBombCast: Any chance of you having a match at NXT? Would be great!
    Triple H: Ha…no! That would be inappropriate allocation of resources!!!

    @xnatejohnsonx: Are there any other female talent you would like to be apart of the NXT brand?
    Triple H: We’re constantly looking for them…and constantly creating them.

    @StephMcMahon: Do you have any idea how proud I am of you, your entire team, and the amazing men & women of #NXTTakeOver? #Respect I’m on my way!
    Triple H: Yes. Because you tell me all the time! I can’t wait until you get here…history to be made tonight!

    @RockPaperAdam: NXT’s helped put the spotlight back on the tag & women’s divisions. Any other specific areas you’d like to revitalize?
    Triple H: Possibly cruiserweights, always something to look at.

    @MetalHammer: Who’s the most metal superstar in NXT? \m/
    Triple H: Corey Graves and Baron Corbin

    @coreyflint: Will you be travelling with NXT when they come the UK?
    Triple H: I will be. At least for #NXTTakeOver in London, but hopefully for more. #StayTuned

    @LanceFrisco: How come what you’re doing in NXT with the women doesn’t translate to the main roster?
    Triple H: It will. There is a saying..Rome wasn’t built in a day…these women won’t be denied. #TakenNotGiven

    @josh3302: Who should we keep an eye on after tonight leading up to Takeover England?
    Triple H: Look for big things from @WWEAsuka. Looking forward to the debut of @NiaJaxWWE and also @ApolloCrews #TooManyTooList

    @Travis96FW: Could we see a nxt title match at WrestleMania 32?
    Triple H: You’ll see one @WrestleMania weekend for sure.

    @Omar_12590: Will the idea of a secondary title added to NXT come to fruition or will this over expose the NXT roster?
    Triple H: Never say never. I’m comfortable where we’re at but if the situation is right…#NeverSayNever

    @LUNATICFRINGE: What has been one of your favorite matches in nxt??
    Triple H: There are A LOT. Sami/Neville Sasha/Bayley, I’m sure there will be one tonight.

    NXT TakeOver: Respect airs tonight at 8pm EST/1am UK exclusively on WWE Network.

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