Ashley sits and talks with Zachary Wentz about his return to the Impact zone, his fans, Trey Miguel, tag-teaming, aliens, UFOs, and if he’s a Fallout Boy fan.

    Zachary Wentz, is an American professional wrestler widely recognized for his dynamic in-ring style and his contributions to the independent wrestling scene and major promotions. Born on April 29, 1994, in Lima, Ohio, Wentz has made a name for himself with his high-flying maneuvers and athletic prowess.

    Wentz began his wrestling career in the early 2010s, quickly garnering attention for his performances in various independent promotions, including Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG). His work in CZW, particularly, highlighted his resilience and adaptability in hardcore and high-risk matches. In PWG, Wentz continued to impress with his agility and innovative offense, earning him a dedicated following among wrestling fans.

    A significant turning point in Wentz’s career came when he formed the stable “The Rascalz” alongside Dezmond Xavier (Dez) and Trey Miguel. The trio became known for their cohesive teamwork, charismatic promos, and spectacular matches. Their chemistry and in-ring storytelling captivated audiences, leading to opportunities in larger promotions.

    In 2018, Wentz and his Rascalz teammates signed with Impact Wrestling, where they continued to build their reputation. In Impact, Wentz showcased his versatility, engaging in both singles and tag team competition. The Rascalz’ matches against prominent teams and their involvement in major storylines cemented Wentz’s status as a rising star in the wrestling world.

    In 2020, Wentz and Dezmond Xavier made the leap to WWE, signing with the NXT brand under new ring names. Despite a promising start, their tenure was brief, and Wentz soon returned to the independent circuit.

    Zachary Wentz remains a prominent figure in professional wrestling, known for his innovative style and passion for the sport. His journey reflects his dedication to his craft and his impact on the wrestling community.

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