Having featured the WWE matches such as Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks and Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston, the year 2019 had plenty of mouth-watering ring action. 

    The type of talent that’s there in WWE roster right now is nothing short of amazing. Although the fans might differ when it comes to the promos and storytelling involved in the discipline, almost all of them are unitedly of the opinion that the wrestlers featured in the WWE today are at another level. This is also evident in the wide variety of WWE betting options provided by the top-rated betting portals in Vegas and everywhere else. Here, we will briefly acquaint you with the two encounters that all WWE fans are keenly looking forward to, and are hoping to bet on, in the year 2020.

    Seth Rollins vs Edge

    Edge made a return to the Royal Rumble, making it a highly emotional affair, something that hasn’t been seen for a long time in WWE. Fans had been shouting for their dream match involving the Rated R Superstar for quite some time now. From what has been heard so far, Randy Orton seems like the first opponent to face Edge and the two are expected to have an entertaining duel at the Wrestlemania, with plenty of promos building-up that fight.

    However, the WWE fans have many more fights higher on their lists than the Edge vs Orton affair. For instance, Andrade is a rising star who could go up against Edge very soon. For that matter, Seth Rollins vs Edge will be a very gripping affair too. In fact, Rollins even attempted killing Edge after the loss of The Authority at the Survivor Series. While Edge’s neck was saved by John Cena, literally, the latter paid the price of making the dreaded Authority return. Now, Seth Rollins has returned to his earlier ways, with the Authors of Pain and Buddy Murphy on his side for the Raw’s main event. It would be good to see Edge scoring some old-fashioned revenge against Rollins!

    Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley

    Brock Lesnar is the reason why Bobby Lashley made a return to the WWE. During Lashley’s first year with the WWE, there were rumours that he could fight Lesnar for 2018’s Universal Championship at the SummerSlam. Those expectations fell way off with Roman Reigns managing to conquer The Beast and winning the Universal Championship, with a little bit of assistance from Braun Strowman, his old friend.

    Lesnar vs Lashley hasn’t happened yet. The former is the current WWE Champion heading into the Wrestlemania 36. However, everyone expects him to easily lose his belt during the main event where he will go up against Drew McIntyre, the winner of the Royal Rumble. Regardless, it would be nice to see Lashley getting to fight Lesnar as both of them are athletes who have proved their mettle for many years in the MMA, pro wrestling and amateur wrestling, and hence promise some good-quality action for the WWE fans.