While there is nothing new on the Tyson Kidd injury reported online last week, the impression that Dave Meltzer (and WWE for that matter) is giving is that the injury is unfortunately serious and is potentially a spinal cord injury (essentially a broken neck). Since concussion issues and lawsuits, WWE have been more careful with releasing information about injuries. The latest update on Tyson, is that he may require surgery which could be a lengthy absense from the main roster depending on the severity.

    Stone Cold (Steve Austin) and Edge (Adam Copeland) have both spoken with Tyson to offer support and advice on the matter. Both men previously have had a similar neck injury and missed nearly a year of action,

    WWE acknowledged the injury took place on a non-televised match with new WWE star Samoa Joe in San Antonio at the start of the month. Dave & Figure Four Online have been told that the result of the injury was a total fluke and not because of a dangerous move.


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