With 15-0 and 20-0 sets already having been released by the WWE, and the Undertaker already being 22-1 and every chance of going 23-1 (or maybe 22-2) next year you would be hard pressed to suggest that there is a big need for a 21-1 RIP Edition , even if it does come in a limited edition Coffin.

    But that aside, it is a fascinating look at 25 years of WWE History. Almost every facet of not only the Undertaker’s WWE career but the company’s trajectory is covered.

    This is a straight match compilation, with only a brief introductory segment added. The matches range from excellent to poor, action packed to pedestrian.

    The two matches against Shawn Michaels are amongst the greatest in WWE history, whilst the trio of encounters against Triple H are very, very good too.

    Taker battled HHH in three WrestleMania matches
    Taker battled HHH in three WrestleMania matches

    World Heavyweight Championship matches against Batista and Edge are almost forgotten classics, not remembered by many but very very good matches that stand the test of time. A 1996 battle with Diesel is a lot better than you might expect (representing the first decent Taker Mania match really) whilst more recent matches against Randy Orton (a match I was gutted that Orton didn’t win at the time) and CM Punk offer up the quality action you’d expect.

    As I was in the crowd for the matches with Ric Flair and A-Train & Big Show I probably am fonder of them than they perhaps deserve and whilst the two Kane matches are far from classics, as WWE spectacles they certainly deliver.

    Undertaker and Kane’s storied rivalry included a couple of stop off’s at Mania

    Its the opening matches which disappoint most, but early 1990s Undertaker was not conducive to quality matches. The worst are probably the matches versus King Kong Bundy and Giant Gonzales , the latter being especially excruciating.

    Jimmy Snuka was the first victim in The Streak

    The Mania main event against Sid is poor and gimmick matches against Big Boss Man and Mark Henry do not need to be seen again.

    We end with, appropriately, the end of the Streak against Brock Lesnar. I enjoyed it, even if I was firmly in the “the streak should never have ended” club.

    Was Brock Lesnar beating Taker THE biggest shocker in WWE history?

    As we started with, its difficult to recommend this set given how much of it has been previously available. The big selling point is either you not having the 15-0 or 20-0 sets or the lure of the limited edition Coffin packaging.

    Still, taken on just the merits of the matches alone this is a cracking slice of WWE history, likely never to be repeated by anyone else.

    7 out of 10.

    Photos courtesy: Fetch, Fremantle Media

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