Wade Barrett joined Coach for this week’s WWE recap, and Coach waste no time in getting into the slap he received from Rooney on RAW, he asked Barrett if the slap was real and what happened. Wade talked about Rooney’s accomplishments in football, and then said it’s the first time a fan, let alone a huge English celebrity like Rooney had hit him, making it a huge moment for WWE.

    Wade talks about getting into WWE after being a fighter, Coach asked Wade about him being a huge Chicago Bears football fan. Wade said he probably would have been a football player if he’d been born somewhere besides England.

    They then went on to talk about Wade winning the first season of NXT. He said he started the ball rolling and the current NXT wouldn’t be as big if not for him. Coach asked him about leaving home and then returning with WWE to perform in front of British crowd. Wade said it was great because he’s the King of the World as well as the King of the Ring.

    Coach stopped him and said LeBron James is King here in the US. Wade said he won a tournament, but LeBron just took a name and he is nothing to pay attention to.

    Coach concluded saying he has some bad news, and that the interview is over. He thanked Barrett and congratulated The Rock on the announcement of his wife having a baby girl.

    See Barrett’s appearance in the video below;