It has been another turbulent week for WWE, in and out of the ring.

    We’ve seen Seth Rollins turn heel, Batista get romantic with a current WWE Superstar, Tyson Fury promise to destroy Brock Lesnar in seconds, talent wanting releases, all the Survivor Series fallout, the emergence of Keith Lee, The Fiend’s latest title defense, Sasha Banks fall from grace, the return of Alexa Bliss and a new United States Champion. So, let’s delve into it all right now.

    We will start with The Fiend’s Latest Championship Defense. Where to begin? That red lighting needs to go. It’s as pointless and annoying as the VAR in football. I’m not sure what WWE are even aiming for here apart from forcing the audience to switch off. The whole thing just ruins it. As for the character itself, I’m on the fence.

    Bray Wyatt is a genius, let’s get that out there right now. His promos are second to none, and he’s underrated in the ring. However, the whole Fiend gimmick is not even original. A very similar split personality situation happened in 2015 when Kane was playing both the Big Red Monster and the Director of Operations. Whether it’s better or not is fruitless, we’ve seen it all before.

    His latest Universal Championship defense saw him successfully retain against Daniel Bryan at Survivor Series in a bang average affair. The main issue with the character (apart from the lighting) is how indestructible he is. Nothing keeps him down, so how are we supposed to believe anyone is able to defeat him? Maybe you do so by removing the mask as Bryan alluded to, but that would kill the gimmick dead. I don’t understand how WWE are struggling with this because they’ve literally had three decades of experience in The Undertaker, who is the ultimate template for this kind of supernatural being.

    While we are on the subject of Survivor Series, I’d like to commend WWE for actually following up on the event’s storylines by having the characters react to the wins and losses like it meant something. Very simple, and came across extremely well. Who’d have thunk it? You had Seth Rollins blame the entire Raw roster for their abject failure, NXT celebrate their glory, and Roman Reigns smash through the turncoat Baron Corbin. For the first time in many years, the results of Survivor Series actually had some consequences.

    We need more of this, though. So often, pay per views come and go with little consequence to the weekly TV. If nothing matters, then what are we watching for? It has to mean something otherwise the whole thing is worthless. It always baffles me that WWE hire TV writers, but they can’t manage to put together logic for their stories. Everything is too formulaic, especially with themed PPVs. TLC, Hell In A Cell, Elimination Chamber, these events have to go.

    On a personal note, it has been a tough month for me after splitting with my longtime girlfriend. They say behind every great man is a great women? Well I had the greatest. Oh, and she’s a doppelganger of Alexa Bliss. So, yes, not feeling on top of the world would be an understatement.

    That’s when I saw the tweet sent out by Batista that he was going through a breakup too. On the one hand, I felt even worse about my situation. If he can’t keep a girl happy, how the hell do I stand a chance? But after thinking about it, I realised that everyone is going through the same things all over the world. It is how you deal with them that sees you through it.

    For Batista that was flirting with WWE Superstar Dana Brooke on social media. I had to do some research, but yes, she’s definitely still a part of the roster. Some people say to jump straight back on the horse, so I attempted the same thing. The date went well, but something was missing. And that was my ex. Good luck to Dave and Dana, though.

    Regardless of who wins a championship, it’s always fun when a new champion is crowned. Okay, with the exception of Jinder Mahal, of course. This past week on Raw saw the legendary Rey Mysterio defeat AJ Styles to capture the United States Championship with a little help from Randy Orton. It was also a fun little match to boot, and furthered the simmering hatred between The Phenomenal One and The Viper. 

    The Fatal Four Way that precluded it was also very good. Drew McIntyre is a headliner waiting to happen. How WWE have waited so long to pull throw trigger on this guy is beyond me. They can’t hold him being Scottish against him forever. Ricochet also has a bright future, but he has to stop eating so many losses otherwise he’s gonna end up like Dolph Ziggler, and nobody wants to see that.

    When Sasha Banks made her return as a badass, entitled heel, and instantly began mixing it up with Becky Lynch, WWE should’ve strapped a rocket to her and gave her the biggest push imaginable. She has an exceptional character, great mic work, superb between the ropes and has a connection with the fans. Instead, WWE dropped the ball with her. They had her lose convincingly to The Man before being drafted to SmackDown where she has played Bayley’s lackey and led the blue brand to a miserable defeat at Survivor Series. 

    What went wrong with The Boss? I don’t know what the powers that be have against her, other than her dodgy injury record. Maybe this is all a masterplan, and Sasha will win the Royal Rumble match before having a marquee bout with Bayley at WrestleMania. In reality, she will most likely be dumped out early before having a meaningless multi-tag on the Show of Shows.

    On a more positive note from the Women’s Division, Alexa Bliss is back. She helped Nikki Cross fend off Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose this past week on SmackDown. If Bliss can stay injury free, she should be made the cornerstone of the blue brand’s female division. She’s better than most think in the ring, her character is on point, mic skills are right up there, and the fans adore her.

    Seeing Bliss as a babyface still seems odd, however. Yes, in real life she is a sweetheart, but it always seems we’re missing something when she’s not playing the evil baddie on screen. She was born for that role. I’d still have her turn on Cross, but let’s do it in an original way. Let’s have Cross get over friendly with Alexa, who responds kindly until the moment is right to strike, after she has captured the Women’s Championship and Cross has outlived her usefulness. 

    It may have happened several months too late, but Seth Rollins finally turned heel this past Monday night on Raw by verbally abusing the locker room for their failure at Survivor Series, before leaving Kevin Owens laying to close out the night. He’s been getting booed for most of the year, so it’s nice to see WWE lean into that, even if it did take them longer to do so than Premier League referees take trying to find a reason to rule out a legitimate goal against Liverpool.

    Seth has shown a lack of grace on social media for quite some time now. Not as much as Corey Graves, but that’s another story. Rollins has bragged about his wealth, talent, girlfriend and the company he works for while ridiculing everyone who dared have a difference of opinion. Now he is finally playing a heel on screen too, it should make things more interesting. Maybe he was just method acting for this role all along.

    Buckle up folks, this may very well end up being our WrestleMania main event. This past week, Tyson Fury has claimed that if he and Brock Lesnar were to ever have a real fight he would knock The Beast out in seconds. That might be the case, but there’s also a very real possibility of Brock taking Fury to the mat and snapping his arm before The Gypsy King has a chance to say how much he despises certain groups of people.

    In a weird way, I would like to see how this one would play out if it did happen. They could mix up the rounds, boxing and MMA, to make it fair. If I were a betting man, I’d go with Lesnar by submission. I just think he would be too quick and powerful for Fury to withstand.

    For anyone who watches NXT, they’ve known about Keith Lee for quite some time, but Survivor Series would’ve been the first real opportunity for casual fans to see the big guy do his thing. I was one of those people, and I have to say, I was mightly impressed by what I witnessed. The guy is a force to be reckoned with. 

    He followed up his superb display opposite Roman Reigns, with a meme for the ages by literally shoulder bumping Adam Cole off his feet and sailing into the Full Sail crowd. This guy is so good at what he does. I’d be amazed if he is not a World Champion this time next year.

    We end this look at last week by taking a look at the superstars who want out of their lucrative WWE contracts so they can go earn 50 bucks a night slicing their heads with cheese graters and getting smashed through glass tables on the Indy scene. Guys like Luke Harper, Mike Kannelis, Sin Cara, and others want to leave their highly paid jobs. These wrestlers couldn’t sell out a bingo hall without WWE on the marquee, let’s be honest. They may not be happy with their current place at the moment, but they need to suck it up and work harder. Quitting is never the answer.

    In the real world, if you don’t like your everyday job, you hand in your notice and you leave to go find another one. More often than not, you already have a new job lined up otherwise it’s quite silly to just walk out. Maybe these wrestlers have contracts with AEW ready for them, although I highly doubt it. Do they really want them? Saying that they signed Jack Swagger so maybe they are that desperate. 

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